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From the list of available Application Services in SharePoint 2013, fill in the missing words to complete the name for each service. *

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Application Service NameAnswerClue
A____ Service **Allows hosting of A____ databases within SharePoint.
App M____ ServiceResponsible for storing & providing information about SharePoint App Licenses.
B____ D____ Connectivity ServiceAllows data from external sources to be pulled into SharePoint.
E____ Services ApplicationAllows interaction with E____ files in a SharePoint Site.
Machine T____ ServiceProvides automatic coversion of files & sites into other languages.
P____P____ ServiceMonitors and reports on business processes.
PowerPoint A____ ServiceAllows server-side presentations.
Managed M____ ServiceManages taxonomy hierarchies, keywords and social tagging infrastructure.
S____ ServiceAllows for crawling and indexing of content for easier location.
S____ Store ServiceAuthorisation service that includes encrypted database for credentials.
S____ ServiceShared service used to store temporary data.
User and H____ D____ Collection ServiceUsed to write logging data to the logging database.
U____ Profile ServiceStores data about personnel in a central location.
V____ Graphics ServiceAllows users to share and view diagrams.
W____ Automation ServicesAllows server-side conversion of documents.
W____ Management ServiceAllows task data to be displayed and manipulated.
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation S____ Settings ServiceUsed to store settings for service applications shared across sites.

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