Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: For Merry Men (and Ladies too!)

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Complete the 4-Letter Word Ladder which will hopefully make you a Merry Man (or Lady of course!)

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Clue4-Letter Rung
1. With rung 48 ____ Forest - Where the Merry Men reside
2. Female singer who wants to 'Turn Back Time'
3. Lightly burn whilst cooking
4. Slang for gentleman
5. One off the old block?
6. Cut with shears
7. Escape. Give someone the ____
8. Fell on the ice
9. Spoken
10. ____ Marian
11. Post
12. A dog wags it
13. Not short
14. Spoken communication
15. Small nail
16. Friar ____
17. Male rabbit
18. Mass and size
19. You wouldn't want one in a china shop
20. Mr Gates or Mr Clinton
21. ____ Scarlet
22. Cunning
23. Whip mark
24. Alan-a-____
Clue4-Letter Rung
25. Sex of the Merry Men
26. Blunt weapon
27. Measurement of speed
28. ____ the miller's son
29. Dirt and grime
30. Ice hockey 'ball'
31. Fill a suitcase
32. Bring a car to a standstill
33. Trim outer edges
34. Tend
35. Centre part
36. Golden vegetable
37. Metal money
38. Put together
39. Little ____
40. Dry warm wind
41. Archaic word for a sword thrust
42. A class of mineral
43. Solid sustenance
44. Robin ____
45. Keep in the hand
46. Food fungus
47. State of mind
48. With rung 1 ____ Forest - Where the Merry Men reside

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