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QUIZ: Can you name the words in this relaxing ladder game?

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Take a small amount from a glass
Take a larger amount from a glass
Bras are measured in different sizes of these
Young bear
British public house
Young dog
Instill vigour
Member of the legume family
The drink that made Britain
Alcoholic coffee liquor - ___ Maria
Dump or discard
Tear or shred
Abbreviation for salesman
Defunct Michigan based car company
England footballer Mr Ferdinand
Makes up the cage to protect internal organs
Abbreviation for brother or sister
Lord Coe who brought the 2012 Olympics to London
Pirates would sail seven of them
What your optical receivers do
Denotes a name before marriage
Used to catch fish
British slang for head lice
Command given to a dog by the curb
Short form of the name Sidney
Not happy
Young man
Top covering
Set fire to something
A tennis serve that clips the net
The harding of concrete
To join cloth together
Morning wetness
Lion's home
Sebaceous cyst
Special T-Shirt competition (wink wink)
Scottish for small
Stand for a golf ball

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