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Complete the 4-letter ladder that features a well known nursery rhyme

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Clue4-letter Word
1. Small dent
2. Computer connectivity test
3. With [Rung 2] for table tennis
4. Deep bell tone
5. Mild curse word
6. Sudden loud noise
7. Musical combo
8. ____ Street - London tube station
9. In days of old, when knights were ____
10. Seed pod
11. Every cycle should have one
12. The devil's pad
13. Bottom of a boat
14. The other side of push
15. Afgan money
16. Feline
17. To make untidy, especially hair
18. To make untidy, just about anything!
19. Mr Brooks & Mr Gibson
20. Honey
21. Fit and healthy
22. Whip mark
Clue4-letter Word
23. Animal skin
24. To knock about
25. Survey
26. 8 ball snooker
27. Opposite of rich
38. To dispense liquids
29. Pose provocatively
30. Safe harbour
31. Component
32. White ones are common UK pub names
33. Cause damage to
34. Old McDonald had one
35. Edible selection
36. Female horse
37. Swamp
38. Rats' smaller cousins
39. Ceremonial baton
40. The musical Mr Knife
41. Stain
42. When Fido says hello
43. Hay storage area

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