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QUIZ: Can you name the famous sheep, lambs, rams & goats?

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First mammal to be cloned
South African born ex-England Cricketer
Esméralda's goat companion
Nick Park's ovine animated spin off from Wallace & Gromit
The ram of the Zodiac
1992 Best picture Oscar winner
Sheeplike Pokémon
Went 'trip-trip-trapping' over the troll's bridge (3 times!)
Sock glove puppet operated by Shari Lewis
Mascot of the St Louis Rams
'It's the wool-uff! It's the wool-uff!'
Sheep who produces 3 bags of wool in the nursery rhyme
The goat of the Zodiac
English TV presenter and model
Goat headed devil
2009 film starring George Clooney & Ewan McGregor
Mascot of Derby County Football Club
Sheep protagonist of Toy Town - 'Mr Mayor, Mr Mayor!'
Popular Czech beer with a goat logo
Born on the 1st of Jan - Which years since 1970 would have meant you were born under the Chinese year of the sheep (or goat, or lamb)

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