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Can you match the Premier League Mascots to their Teams

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Answers are randomised so one can't just enter all Premier League clubs in alphabetical order. Please note that some teams have several mascots but I have only listed one or two ease of play. Also note that some of the mascots may have been superseded or weren't employed when the team was in the Premier League. Please let me know if you have better suggestions for the mascots.
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Mascot NameTeam
Stamford & Bridget the Lions
Haydon the Womble
Mighty Red
Bubbles the Bear & Hammerhead
Gunnersaurus Rex
Lofty the Lion
Sherwood Bear
Lucas the Kop Kat
Bloomfield Bear
Pottermus & Pottermiss Hippos
Chaddy the Owl
Frogmore the Frog
Moonchester & Moonbeam
Mr Toffee
Super Saint
Captain & Cailla Canary
Roar the Lion
Billy The Badger
Jude the Cat
Roary the Lion
Billy Bantam
Chirpy Cockerel
Mascot NameTeam
Beau Brummie
Cyril & Cybil Swans
Alice & Peter the Eagles
Bartley Blue
Toby Tyke
Floyd & Harvey
Samson & Delilah Cats
Captain Blade
Fred the Red
Stripey the Laticat
Rory the Tiger
Rockin' Robin
Sky Blue Sam
Kingsley Royal
Monty Magpie
Wolfie & Wendy
Baggie Bird
Barney the Owl
Filbert Fox
Harry the Hornet
Hercules the Lion
Bertie Bee

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