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Can you name the answers to this Word Ladder themed around the distress signal S.O.S.?

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3 [Rung 1] - 3 [Rung 41] - 3 [Rung 1] - Makes the morse code S.O.S.1
To devote yourself to something or someone.2
The bird of peace.3
UK Prime Minister Cameron - 'Call me ____'4
[Rung 5] our [Rung 30]s - Commonly held belief S.O.S. stands for these words.5
Limited period with reduced prices.6
Common name for Sodium Chloride.7
Sand suspended in water.8
Shelf at the bottom of a window.9
To plough or harrow.10
Charge for using a bridge.11
Rounded seed pod, especially flax or cotton.12
Jamaican sprinter Usain13
Sea going craft14
Man made ditch filled with water around a castle.15
____ the Hoople - 1970s UK Rock Band.16
Not gloss paint.17
Beer ingredient.18
Not female.19
26 (and a bit) of these make a Marathon20
Hide one of these in a cake to rescue a prisoner21
A kingdom within Scotland22
A beating heart and a conscience23
Our US friends would call this an elevator24
The area in the roof of a house25
Not hard26
Black dust from a chimney27
1745 Battle in the War of Austrian Succession 28
Not sweet29
[Rung 5] our [Rung 30]s - Commonly held belief S.O.S. stands for these words.30
Liquid meal. Sometimes the 1st course.31
Unexpected strike or action.32
Chickens home.33
What Fonzy is.34
Basin of water or a table top game.35
Baby does number 2s?36
British, several lavatories.37
Southeast Asian country.38
Scottish (and elsewhere) for girl.39
Many of these for a pirates punishment.40
3 [Rung 1] - 3 [Rung 41]- 3 [Rung 1] - Makes the morse code S.O.S.41

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