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Ladder ClueAnswerMixed Word Clue
4 Letter Country of AfricaLetters delivered to the door
Not femaleCondition that makes you limp
Hair around a lion's neckFinal word of a prayer
Small roadMeat which isn't fat
Many Local Area NetworksScience fiction novel by A. E. van Vogt
4 Letter Country of AsiaIn addition to
Places where experiments are carried outLarge piece of rock
TaxisWound covering
MLB team from ChicagoNFL team from Tampa Bay
4 Letter Country of North AmericaOne single young bear
Orchestral brass intrumentNext to, especially in building terms
Super volcanic eruptionWater craft
Roman garment and type of party?Sheep like creature
4 Letter Country of AfricaTo arrive somewhere
Ladder ClueAnswerMixed Word Clue
____ Stick - Bouncy ToySticky or semiliquid substance
Sport played on horsebackCord or ribbon circled on itself
Spanish word for hairNorth or South
Greek mythology, daughter of Neleus and ChlorisStrong cord or string
4 Letter Country of South AmericaUnsullied
Abbreviation of Person or PersonalMany salespeople
Green vegetable (poss fruit) found in a podPrimates
Monetary unit of Myanmar Foots the bill - Picks up the check
Young hawkNot hard
Periods of timeOrgans for hearing
Several retirment plansIndian female clothing
4 Letter Country of AsiaWet weather
Port city in AlgeriaHorse colour
4 Letter Country of AsiaComplain about

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