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Complete the 5-Letter Word Ladder travelling from one end of the UK to the other

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Clue5-Letter Rung
____ End - Traditionally considered the most southerly point of the Mainland UK
Gives temporarily
Winds its way
Joining two pieces of metal
Cathedral city in Somerset
Aquatic mammals
Places to sit
Warms something up
American rock band - Talking ____
Groups of cattle
Food flavouring
Something spicy
City in the East Midlands
Short name of Northern Irish city of Londonderry
Term of affection
Dons clothing
Mistical visionaries
Plant embryos
City in West Yorkshire. 3rd largest in the UK
Clue5-Letter Rung
National symbols of Wales
Searches for
Appears to be
Edges of clothing
Closes door forcibly
Long thin planks of wood
Rock often used for roofing
Food receptical
Time without war
Soft skinned fruit
Freshwater game fish
City in central Scotland
Place to sleep on a ship
To dry unseasoned wood
Violently hits
Edible legumes
Denim clothing
Miss Crawford, Miss Rivers & Miss Jett
Connects together
Mr Travolta, Mr Lennon & Mr Wayne
____ Groats - Traditionally considered the most northerly point of the Mainland UK

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