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Can you solve the 4-letter word ladder with a theme of London Tube Stations.

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Please note that the stations have no geographical significance, this isn't a real journey from East to West. The stations have just been used as a theme.
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🚇🚇 Aldgate ____ 🚇🚇
State of rest.
Old English spelling of ear.
🚇🚇 ____'s Court 🚇🚇
Earthy deposit of clay & calcium.
US shopping area.
What one makes on the phone.
Sometimes covers the face of a newborn.
🚇🚇 St ____'s 🚇🚇
Burial cloth.
Drug in tablet form.
🚇🚇 Harrow-on-the-____ 🚇🚇
Large room used for gatherings.
🚇🚇 Tottenham ____ 🚇🚇
A bundle of hay.
Bitter liquid made by the liver.
🚇🚇 Maida ____ 🚇🚇
Not female.
🚇🚇 ____ End 🚇🚇
To sort office papers into order.
To turn empty into full.
🚇🚇 ____ Hill East 🚇🚇
Miss Flanders by Daniel Defoe.
Green growth on old food.
State of mind.
🚇🚇 St John's ____ 🚇🚇
Blue war paint favoured by the Picts.
🚇🚇 Edgware ____ 🚇🚇
Bubbles and froth.
Defined shape.
🚇🚇 Chalk ____ 🚇🚇
What one must pay to travel on the tube.
Sometimes worse than death.
🚇🚇 Notting Hill ____ 🚇🚇
French for station.
To take the skin off, usually fruit.
🚇🚇 Hyde ____ Corner 🚇🚇
Worse than his bite?
🚇🚇 ____ 🚇🚇
Group of people playing music.
🚇🚇 ____ Street 🚇🚇
Your arm one is connected to your funny one.
Person or thing that causes distress.
🚇🚇 Chancery ____ 🚇🚇
Used to describe a single wolf.
German for lion.
English river, running through Coventry & Warwickshire
Placed seeds in the ground.
🚇🚇 Camden ____ 🚇🚇
Pulls along.
Noise of many doves.
Noise of many cows.
🚇🚇 ____ Park 🚇🚇
Ill mannered ruffian.
What the audience does to the pantomime villan.
🚇🚇 Theydon ____ 🚇🚇
Hawaiian dish of taro root, sometimes fermented.
Familiar name for father.
Dances madly at the disco.
The one in charge at work.
A kiss on the cheek.
🚇🚇 Shepherd's ____ 🚇🚇
Slang for a great party.
40 of these for a naughty sailor.
No medals for finishing here.
Not slow.
Celebration of a particular event.
🚇🚇 ____ Ham 🚇🚇

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