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From the all-star 1963 film, The Great Escape, can you indentify whether these characters Escaped (e) or were Recaptured (r) and/or Killed (k)*

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Character & ActorEscaped / Recaptured / Killed
Capt. Virgil Hilts, the 'Cooler King' played by Steve McQueen
Flt. Lt. Robert Hendley, the 'Scrounger' played by James Garner
Sqn. Ldr. Roger Bartlett, 'Big X' played by Richard Attenborough
Flt. Lt. Danny Velinski, 'Tunnel King' played by Charles Bronson
Flt. Lt. Colin Blythe, the 'Forger' played by Donald Pleasence
Fg. Off. Louis Sedgwick, the 'Manufacturer' played by James Coburn
Lt. Cmdr. Eric Ashley-Pitt, 'Dispersal' played by David McCallum
Flt. Lt. Andrew MacDonald, 'Intelligence' played by Gordon Jackson
Flt. Lt. William Dickes, 'Tunnel King' played by John Leyton
Fg. Off. Archibald Ives, the 'Mole' played by Angus Lennie
Flt. Lt. Dennis Cavendish, the 'Surveyor' played by Nigel Stock
Flt. Lt. Haynes, 'Diversions' played by Lawrence Montaigne

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