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Can you identify whether the characters from Stephen King's Carrie survived or died in the Prom Night massacre?

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CharacterDied or SurvivedExtra Information
Carrie White - High school student with telekenetic powers.
Tommy Ross - Carrie's prom night date.
Sue Snell - Tommy's regular girl.
Christine Hargensen, high school student barred from the prom.
Billy Nolan, Christine's greaser boyfriend.
Josie Vreck, prom attendee.
Norma Watson, prom attendee.
Rhonda Simard, prom attendee.
Principal Henry Grayle, high school principle.
Miss Rita Desjardin, high school gym teacher.
Mrs White, Carrie's mother.
Mrs Georgette Shyres
Mrs Cora Simard
Sheriff Otis Doyle, sheriff of Chamberlain.
Officer Plessy, police officer in Chamberlain.

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