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ClueAnswer - 5 Letters
Ales & Lagers etc
Grizzly, Brown, Black, Polar etc
Century has 100 of these
Irish Poet - 1865-1939
Swap the last two letters to get a microorganism responsible for creating alchol in beer
The fewest amount
Greg Rutherford _____ to the Olympic Gold in London 2012
_____ Lee - British singer best known for 1968 hit single 'Little Arrows'
Young animal abandoned by its mother, especially in cattle
Inclined to lop
Beers like IPA can be described as this
One of the 7 dwarves
Nickname for the laptop
ClueAnswer - 5 Letters
Group of people also known as 'Sami'
Foolish people
Barrel-shaped, planktonic tunicates
Bath _____, Cooking ______, Mineral _____
Single variety whiskies
Beers like stours and porters can be described as this
Childish name for Matthew
If Mr Damon, Mr Dillon & Mr Leblanc were together, you'd have 3 _____
Good friends
Fruit of a certain type of palm tree
Serial _____ - Someone who goes on liaisons with many different people
Called 'liquor' when used in brewing

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