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Hopefully there are no mistakes in the ladder, but with such a large ladder there is the chance that one or two errors have crept in. Also I apologise for the rather obscure terms in the quiz, hopefully they won't lead to any dead ends.
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Clue4-Letter Rung
Capital of South Sudan
Country in North America
MLB team from Chicago
Product of Detroit
Simpsons character - ____ Carlson
Lime rich mudstone
Trading place
Family Guy character - ____ Goldman
Poetic morning
Brought to life
Capital of Switzerland
Ernie's pal
Simpsons character - ____ Simpson
Throw up
Brightest star in Cancer
Native of south east Europe
Milliganese for idiot
Capital of Greenland
Lake in NW Russia
Simpsons character - Dr ____ Riviera
World's longest river
1.6093 Kilometres
Capital of Maldives
Country in Africa
Babylonian Goddess
1974 Lucille Ball film
Walking disability
Capital of Togo
Capital of Italy
French pianist Pascal ____
Extreme anger
Royal court attendee
Capital of American Samoa (x2)
Bouncing stick
Country in Africa
Roman garment
Canadian DJ
Capital of Latvia
Anatomical fold
British pop band, The ____Babes
Japanese video game company
Brightest star in Lyra - or singer Suzanne
Constallation in southern sky
Norse goddess of the underworld
Genus of tree toads
Oasis song
Constallation in northern sky
Greek mini-harp
Clue4-Letter Rung
Chapter of the Qur'an
Capital of Fiji
Major Hindu God
Pretentious female singer
____ Filius - Latin: Son of God
Capital of Timór-Leste
Type of drum
Protective sprit in Slavic mythology
Capital of Qatar
Multiple Homer expletives
University tutors
Mr Brown, Mr Aykroyd & Mr Quayle
Simpsons character - ____ Moleman
Early warrior people
Make music without words
Keeps your teeth in place
Judy Garland's real surname
US island territory
Metric weight measurement
Son of Shem
Family Guy character - Mayor ____ West
Round Dutch cheese
Ancient civilization in modern day Iran
Edible mollusc
Country in Africa
Familiar form of Charles
'Take on Me' & 'Hunting High and Low' are hits of ____
River flowing through Caucasia
Brightest star in Ara
Brit slang for backside
Element of architecture
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
Constallation in southern sky
Numbering system used by composers
Many German Grandfathers
Many German Grandmothers
Country in Asia
Large city in Algeria
Country in Asia
Individual Retirement Arrangements
Items of ladies apparel
Long narrative Scots poem
Constallation in southern sky
Dave Matthews Band song
Constallation known as the Southern Cross
Dirt, filth, waste
Yo Hommies, give me some Street ____
Set up to be ready
Implements for playing pool
Lord Sebastian (and family)
Not fingers
Kicked a ball with the end of the foot
Clue4-Letter Rung
Simpsons character - ____ Flanders
Caribbean bird
Simpsons character - Fat ____
Musical sound
Unleavened maize bread
Section of window
Cover with pavement
Constallation in southern sky
Czech word for beer
Spanish word for pine
Simpsons character - ____ Terwilliger
Drinks flavoured with juniper berries
Sloth, Envy, Greed etc
Speak musically
Spoke musically
Simpsons character - ____ & Kodos
Philosopher Immanuel ____
Past tense of 'go'
Family Guy character - Mayor Adam ____
For fear that
Series of items
Simpsons character - ____ Simpson
Mountainous region in Croatia
Facebook style agreement
Body of water
Family Guy character - ____ Tucker
A jolly joke
____ Recorder - ____ Worm - ____ Measure
To gain possession
Cook in the oven
Capital of Azerbaijan
South Asian respectful male title
Ms Streisand's nickname
Musical scores for guitar
Town in New Mexico
Brightest star in Puppis
Having a quick snooze
Pictorial geography
French city famous for the 24hr road race - Le ____
Jesus's mum
4th planet from the sun
Hearing implements
Making a mistake
Most massive known dwarf planet
Brazilian footballer
Daryl Hannah's character in Blade Runner
Chilean red wine grape
Make a football go from one player to another
Property of a physical body

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