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How much do you know about Steven and the Crystal Gems?

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Who is Steven's mother?
Who is Steven's father?
What is Lapis Lazuli and Jasper's fusion called?
Lapis Lazuli was trapped in a ____
What is the name of Steven's female human best friend?
What is the fusion between Steven and his friend's called?
Which crystal gem wields a sword to fight?
Garnet is a fusion between ______ *name one*
Which gem is not from the home world?
Where was that gem from?
When all three gems fuse they become?
What is Steven's favorite discontinued snack?
Amethyst and Pearl fuse to make?
Who does Sadie have a crush on?
Who is the voice actress for Garnet?
Sugilite is voiced by?
Steven has healing ____
Rose has healing _____
True or false: the gems' bodies are illusion
What color is Steven's bubble?
Steven has a pet ___
What color is that pet?
Rose fights with a ____ *name one of her weapons*
What was the name of the cannons owned by Rose?
Name of the show Greg and Amethyst watched together?
Who's name is all over the chore wheel?
Which crystal gem loves to eat?
Garnet gives Steven her future vision by giving him a ____
Lapis Lazuli controls the ____
Jasper's weapon is a ____
Jasper's gem is located on her _____
What movie did Connie and Steven want to see together?
What is Steven and Connie favorite book series?
Steven can play a ____
What was the name of Steven's band when it was just him and his clones?
When Steven went on a mission with just Peal and Amethyst what were they looking for?
What is Steven's backpack look like?
Rose and Pearl fusion is called?
Who is taller Rose or Greg?
Who is Onion's half brother?
Onion's dad is a ____
Name of the game Garnet get's addicted to at the arcade?
What does Steven order when he goes to Beach Citywalk Fries?
Who owns the blog 'Keep Beach City Weird'?
Who is the mascot for Beach Citywalk Fries
Who has to wear the mascot outfit?
Who controls a giant green hand looking space ship?
Who is Kiki's twin sister who *sometimes* works at the pizza shop?
What did Onion ask for in exchange for Ranger Guy?
What fruit did Steven sell that later came to life?
The song 'A Giant Woman' is about?
Where are Garnet's gems located?
Who can access Rose's room?
What is needed to access any of the gem's room in the temple?
All the things in Rose's room are made out of?
Who is extremely messy and a hoarder?
Steven's gem is located on his ___
Name an ingredient/food item Steven used when he made breakfast for the gems?
How many eyes does Garnet have?
Are all the eyes that Garnet has the same color?
Which gem fusion only has two eyes?
Who sang the song 'Strong In the Real Way?
Who was hosting a spooky movie party that Steven, Lars, and Sadie went too?
Who was kidnapped at that party?
Where was that party held?
What show did a crossover with Steven Universe as an April Fool's Joke?
Who taught Connie how to sword fight?
What is the nickname given to Pearl's hologram?
What was the first corrupted gem the crystal gems fought against in the first episode?
When talking to Steven in the episode 'The Return' Greg compares the crystal gems to what?
What was Greg's manager name?
What was the name of Greg's band?
What is Steven's middle name?
How long was Steven grounded for?
Which one of Connie's parents can't drive well?
What is Connie's last name?
True or false: Onion and Sour Cream have the same biological father?
Who sang the song 'Stronger than You'?
What did Amethyst eat on a dare that made herself inflate and float into the air?
What color is Lapis Lazuli gem?
Who is the creator of Steven Universe?
Which gem fusion's name was never revealed in an episode to much later on in the series?
In order to fuse the gems (and Connie) must _____ with the other person.
Who defeats the invisible gem monster in the episode 'Island Adventure'?
Who cooks the food in the episode 'Island Adventure'?
What was Steven referring to himself as in that same episode?
Where can Lion store things?
Who made a video for Steven that was left with Lion?
To 'prank' Lars what did Sadie sprinkle on his doughnut?
What did that ingredient do to Lars after he took a bite of the doughnut?
Who's the only gem that can swim in lava/really hot temperatures?
When Steven told a story about Garnet's day what was the main antagonist's name?
What did that antagonist in that same episode turn his victims into?
Who watches Steven sleep a lot?

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