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What is the fusion between Garnet and Pearl called?
Which gem specifically has future vision?
What is the nickname Ruby gave to herself?
What is the name of the motel that Greg took Steven and Garnet too?
When Greg dropped off Connie at her house during the snowstorm what fruit was on his sweatshirt?
What did Connie say right before she ate the sandwich Greg made her?
Who is the homeworld gem that Peridot tries to contact?
Which gem has only one eye?
What did Steven have to eat to get five dollars off at golf?
How many cans did he eat?
What is the name of the gem monster that's the result of several gems being forced to fuse?
Who built the crystal gems and Steven's home?
What kind of juice was Connie drinking when Steven healed her eyes?
Who says this quote: 'Odd numbers just feel cleaner'?
When Steven challenged Garnet at Meat Beat Mania what was his controls in the shape of?
What is Ruby's nickname for Sapphie?
Which gem transformed into Rose to make Greg upset?
Whose idea was it to buy Steven the cookie cats?
Who was the first gem to get injured badly enough to revert back to her gem stone?
Who is the last Crystal Gem to revert back to her gem stone?
Who is the only person that attended Greg's concert back when he was a one man band?
What gem can use her fingers to fly by rotating them on her hand?
Where did Peridot's robonoid take the crystal gems and Steven too?
What song was Greg performing when he first met Rose?
According to Pearl the gems in Kindergarten were made how many years ago?
What gem can rotate her upper body in a full circle?
What is the name of the ending theme of the show?
What is the name of the cartoon that Steven watches and has stickers of?
What two gems can curl into a ball and spin around and attack?
Who 'ungrounds' Steven?
What fruit is covering the old gem battlefield?
What weapon did Garnet take with her after going to the old homeworld gem battlefield?
What gem can increase her body temperature?
What gem can decrease her body temperature?
What is Onion's and Sour Cream's mother name?
*from the previous question* Which gem is friends with that person?
What is the name of the collection of armor in Rose's secret armory?
Which gem did Rose Quartz tell all of her secrets too?
Who knows how to play tennis?
What instrument can Pearl play?
What instrument can Garnet play?
What instrument can Amethyst play?
What ride at funland made Steven feel sick?
What did Steven say to activate Rose's light cannon?
What was Greg looking to buy when he was visiting the Keystone state?
What color is Garnet's third eye located in the middle of her forehead?
What prize did Ameythst want to win at the funland arcade?
What prize did Onion win at the funland arcade?
What did Onion drive over with his prize?
Who was on the cover of Greg's new album?
What was the name of that album?
Who was in Pearl's dream in the beginning *besides herself*?
Who was in Pearl's dream at the end *besides herself*?
Besides tapping the button what else did Garnet use to try and stop the wailing stone?
Who was trying to send a message through the wailing stone?
Who said this quote: 'Those flowers are lovely!'
What shape is the pizza that Greg buys when he visits the keystone state?
Does Steven at first like the pizza?
What fusion does Steven see in his dream?
Who has a pet snake?
What does Onion put in his mouth?
What is Pearl fighting/dancing style based off of?
Which gem was visibly terrified after seeing all the forced gem fusions?
Who really likes being fused with Garnet so much that she kept repairing the tower after they broke it?
Who found out that she was the one fixing the tower?
What did Pearl make in an attempt to stop Peridot's robonoids but instead knocked out the power in town?
Who does Steven help perform a play about Beach City being founded?
Who did Mayor Dewey claim founded Beach City?
Who tell Steven the truth about the 'founder' of Beach City?
What did Steven mistake Peridot for?
What did Steven hand out for Mayor Dewey to everybody when the power was out?
Finish this quote: 'When the sun goes down so does the _____'
When Greg made sandwiches Connie and Steven what did he cook the eggs on?
Who knocked out Steven, took him as a prisoner and called him Rose Quartz?
Who's idea was it to surprise Steven on his birthday by telling him about Ruby and Sapphire?
Which of the crystal gems can shoot bolts of energy or lasers out of her weapon?
Can all of the gems transform/shape shift?
What did Steven first tranform/shape shift into?
*from the previous question* Where did that animal appear on Steven body in the beginning?
How many light cannons are there?
What did Rose want Steven to be according to video she left for him?
What does Greg say being in love is like to Rose?
What is Greg's theme for his band and music?
Who has made a lot of paintings of Amethyst?
Who is Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire mad at for lying to her?
What fusion tried to stop Peridot's giant hand ship from coming to Beach City?
All the crystal gems and Steven have what symbol on their clothes?
Which gem was eager to meet Rose Quartz because she wanted to beat her?
Which gem dedicated a lot of her time finding Peridot on her own?
Who's the first person Steven meets in Peridot's ship?
What is Sadie's favorite food?

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