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Business dealings involving companies in more than one state is known as...?
Business dealings involving companies that do business in only one state is known as...?
An agreement to exchange goods and services for something of value, usually money, is known as a(n)...?
A legal case brought about because of a violation of criminal laws is known as a(n)...?
A type of case in which a plaintiff typically asks the courts to take action against a defendant is called a(n)...?
Purely intangible property is called...?
The sole right to make, use, or sell an item for 20 years is called a(n)...?
Protection for the authors, composers, and artists work is called...?
A word, letter, or symbol that is linked with a specific company or product is known as a(n)...?
A famous trademark, commonly known around the world, is usually identified with a symbol called a(n)...?

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