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The making, buying,and selling of of goods and services within a country is known as a...?
Business activities refers to business and activities needed for creating, shipping, and selling goods and services across national borders is know as an...?
International business
A country that can produce a good or service at a lower cost than other countries has...?
A situation in which a country specializes in the production of a good or service at which it is relatively more efficient is known as...?
Items brought from other countries are called...?
Goods and services that are sold to other countries are known as...?
The amount of money a country owes to another country is known as...?
The difference between a country's total exports and total imports is called the...?
If a country imports more than it exports, it has a...?
If a country exports more than it imports,it has a... ?
When a nation receives more money in a year than it pays out, it receives what is known as a...?
The difference between the amount of money that comes into a country and the amount that goes out of it is known as the...?
The result of a country sending out more money than it brings in is known as a...?
Russian currency is in quantities of a...?
European currency is in quantities of a...?
Brazilian currency is in quantities of a...?
Saudi Arabian currency is in quantities of a...?
Indian currency is in quantities of a...?
The process exchanging one currency for another occurs in the...?
The value of a currency in one country compared with the value in another is known as...?
The cost of using someone else's money is known as...?

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