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The accepted behaviors,customs,and values of a society are known as the...?
A factor in economic development that supports international trade in industrialized countries is called...?
Government stopping the import or export of a certain product in its entirety is known as an...?
A tax that a government places on certain imported products is known as a...
The government-set limit on the quantity of a product that may be imported or exported within a given period is known as a...?
Restrictions to free trade are called...?
Government trade barriers,such as tariffs and embargoes,are known as...?
The barriers created by a country's culture, traditions,and religion are known as...?
A selected area where products can be imported duty-free and then stored,assembled, or used in manufacturing is called a...?
Market in which there are no barriers or duties within is known as...?
An agreement between nations regarding trade is called...?
Another name for a common market is...?

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