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Who was the protagonist in Dragon In America?
Who won the 3DMM Game Show?
Who is Sgt. Steves love intrest?
Who was the sniper in Sniper @ 3dmm Community HQ?
Who is 00 Dee Boned boss?
Which movie featured the first appearance of the Bored of 3DMM Demon?
Where do the Zombie films take place?
Who won in The Fight?
What is the name of the Vlarion of light?
Who was victorious in the Animation Tournament West Division?
It All Started on Wills...
Mike Belfance and Justin Wawrzoneks much loved series...
Who voiced Fredrick Arnoy in Powerplay?
Who directed Espirit De Corps?
What is the name of the antagonist in Mario Saga 2?
Who voiced the character Rosal in the Vlarion 1 remake?
Which movie won the Best Drama award in the 3DMM.com Awards 2005?
Which well known hand made character made a cameo appearance in Yeti & Squidworths Halloween Nightmare?
Ramza Brave wrote the film Forgotten Heroes, who directed it?
Who directed the original 3DMM Godzilla 98 movie?
Who directed the 3DMM.com Awards 2002?
Dan & Denny's Delightfully Dimensional D'Chainy Mega Movie...also known as...
Who is the protagonist in JP's Doom movies?
How much money was the Zephyr Gem worth in Moderately Confused?
What was the followup to Knights of Camelot?
Who directed the first BAM! movie?
What was Michael Sandfords last movie?
Who was the villain in Mean Bread?
What is the name of the character who continuously gets killed in Diabolical Delightment?
In REDUX, which Vlarion fights the Bored of 3dmm Demon?
In JDR Revival, what is Boundless Bens ONE weakness?
Who voiced Detective Detective Joe Peterson in Pamela?
Who directed A Call To Arms?
Who won the 3DMM Royal Rumble in Wrestlemania 5000?
What television show is Bin Laden watching at the beginning of Osamas Heroes?
Who directed KRB Revival?
How many episodes of 3DMM Evil were ever released?
20 Ways To Ruin...
What was Nick The Almighty's last movie?
In Stranger 4, who was found randomly hiding in a fridge?

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