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Can you name the Family Guy Episodes based on three plot clues?

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Evil Monkey, Miley Cyrus, King Kong spoof
Death, Destruction of time machine, millions of sad and pissed off fans (including me)
Steroids, Stewie beaten up by Suzie, Flappy Arms
Chicken Fight, Quarters, Quagmire CPR
Near Death Experience, Swing music, Frank Sinatra jr.
A.N.N.A, the King and I, Siamese children
Near Death Experience, Most perfectly good spiderweb, sexy party
Schoolboard Election, Mr. Fargas, Porno Magazines
Rush Limbaugh, American made household items, Nancy Pelosi addicted to crack (probably true in real life)
Bag of Weed (Song), Faster than the Speed of Love Publication, Legalization of weed

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