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After the chess match, Harry and Hermione faced another challenge. What was it about?
Who tells the story about the Chamber of Secrets?
Which character finds a way to 'control' the whomping willow so Harry and Hermione can get past it?
The Fat Lady was really scared after Sirius Black made an appereance. Who replaced her?
Which organization is created by Hermione to defend the elves?
Rita Skeeter was an awful woman. But what else was she?
There was a very special house-elf they didn't show us in the movies. Do you know her/his name?
What was Hermione's boggart?
Umbridge got Professor Trelawney fired. Who replaced her?
When Mr. Weasley got attacked by a snake, he didn't go home right away. Where was he taken to?
Who did they find during a visit to Mr. Weasley?
Who found Harry in the Hogwarts Express after the fight with Malfoy?
Dumbledore's Army had a snitch. Who was he/she?
What's the name of Voldemort's mom?
Who replaced Zacharias Smith as Quidditch commentator?
Where did Harry and Ginny's first kiss take place?
Snape was the half-blood Prince. And it had something to do with his mother. What was her name?
Harry and Ginny did kiss in the seventh book. But it didn't happen in the kitchen. Where did the kiss take place?
There was a very special guest at Bill's wedding. Who was he?
Harry got to know all the houses common rooms, except one.
When the trio is in the woods, they carry some company in Hermione's bag. I'll give you a hint. It's a painting.
Harry doesn't destroy the Elder Wand. Where does he put it?
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