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LyricsSong & Artist
She'll Get A Hold On You Believe It, Shes Like No Other
Oh Everytime I Close My Eyes, I See My Name In Shining Lights
Fallin In & Out Of Love, Saying Theyre Proud Of, Together All The While
Show Me! How You Get Down!
Hands Are Shaking Cold, These Hands Are Meant to Hold, Speak To Me!
Russian Roulette Is Not The Same Without A Gun
I Know Your Really Busy & I Know You Got Plans, But Are you Really Too Busy For A Sun Tan, I Aint Talkin Bout Walkin Down The Highstreet, Im Talkin About Layin On A Bright White Be
And She Knows How to Treat A Fella Right, Gives Me That Feeling Everynight, Wants To Make Love When I Wanna Fight, Now Someone Understand Me
LyricsSong & Artist
When The Roof Caved In & The Truth Came Out, I just Didnt Know What To Do! But When I Become A Star, We'll Be Living So Large, I'll Do Anything For You
See I Reckon Your About An 8 Or A 9, Maybe Even 9 and A half In 4 Beers Time!
There Are Place I Remember, '.........', though Some Have Changed, Some Forever, Not For Better! Some Have Gone And Some Remain
Well Its A Big Big City & So Is The Scene, Can Ever Be Too Pretty Tell Me Your Name, Is It Out Of Line?
Work It, Make It, Do It, Makes Us
Shes Got Eyes Comparable To Sunrise & It Doesnt Stop There, Shes Got Porcelain Skin, Ofcourse Shes A 10, And Nows Shes Even Got her Own Song
Yes I Can See Her, Cos Every Girl Here Wanna Be Ya, Oh Shes A Diva, I Feel The Same And I Wanna Meet Her!

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