Ace Attorney Victims

Can you name the Ace Attorney Victims from AA1 - AA6 & AAI - AAI2?

Girlfriend of Larry Butz. Just returned from a vacation to Paris.1-1
Mentor of Phoenix Wright. Has her own lawfirm.1-2
Actor with Global Studios. Portrayed 'The Evil Magistrate' in the Steel Samurai TV-series. 1-3
Lawyer with Grossberg Law Offices. Defended Yanni Yogi in court after the DL-6 incident.1-4
Defence attorney who dealt a penalty to Manfred Von Karmas record. The victim of the DL-6 incident.DL-6
Detective with the LAPD. The main investigator of the SL-9 incident.1-5
Prosecutor in charge of the SL-9 incident. Younger brother of Jake Marshall.SL-9
Culprit of the SL-9 incident. Prosecuted with forged evidence.SL-9
Boyfriend of Maggey Byrde. Police officer, murdered after finding a lost phone.2-1
Doctor with a clinic responsible for medical malpractice.2-2
Sister of Mimi Miney. Loves the supernatural.Car accident
Ringmaster of the Berry Big Circus. Has a big heart and an even bigger mustache.2-3
Technically not dead, but might as well be. Brother of Acro.Bitten by lion
Actor with Worldwide Studios. Plays the Jammin' Ninja in the show of the same name. Rival of Matt Engarde2-4
Former Manager of Matt Engarde. Adrian Andrews mentor.Suicide
Ex boyfriend of Dahlia. Pharmacology student.3-1
CEO of KB security. Was not the focus of the first trial day.3-2
Programmer who created the virus MC Bomber. Chronic gambler.3-3
Police officer murdered by her own sister. Involved in a plot to steal a diamond worth 2 million dollars.3-4
An escaped convict who looks way scarier than he is. Killed himself during trial.Suicide during trial
The mother of Maya and Mia. Was missing for 17 yeas before being murdered.3-5
The coulprit behind 3-1 and 3-4. Was sentenced to death and executed.Executed
Was poisoned, fell into a coma for 5 years and woke up having lost his vision. Became a prosecutor. Currently incarcerated.Poisoned
Father of Trucy. Worked as a magician before dissappearing for 7 years.4-1
Doctor who operated on Wocky Kitaki. Was killed after attempting to kill Aita Tiala.4-2
Agent for interpol and manager for Lamiroir. Was investigating the smuggeling of borginian cocoons when he was killed.4-3
Father of Vera Misham. An illustrator and forger by trade.4-4
Magician and leader of troupe Gramarye. His murdercase caused Phoenix's disbarment.4-4
A detective and bomb expert. Was present during the bombing of the space center together with Bobby Fulbright.5-1
The alderman of Nine-Tails Vale. Thought to be the wrestler The Amazing Ninetails.5-2
Teacher of Themis Legal Academy. Was murdered after discovering Aristotle Means taking bribes.5-3
Astronaut and friend of Apollo Justice. Murdered during the bombing of the Cosmos Space Center.5-4
Detective who died 2 years ago. Was impersonated by the phantom for those 2 years before the death was discovered. Obsessed with justice.5-5
Mother of Athena. Robotics scientist at the Cosmos Space Center.UR-1
Owner of Shipshape Aquarium. Played Redstasche in the show performance.5-DLC
Died of heart condition during orca show. Her death was believed to be caused by Ora the orca.5-DLC
Guard who guarded the founders orb. Used to be a monk but his financial situation required him to change profession.6-1
Magician doing a stageshow with trucy. His alias was gotten from Roger Retinz, a previous member of troupe Gramarye.6-2
High priest performing the purification rite with Maya. Killed himself to protect his wife Beh'leeb.6-3
Very devoted monk who spends most of his time praying. Actually the fearsome rebel hunter disguised as Lady Kee'ra6-3
An experienced rakugo master. Enjoys noodles.6-4
Archeologist residing in Kurain Village. Researched the founders orb before hiding it deep within a mountain.6-5 (Civil trial)
Justice minister of Khura'in. Suffers from prosopagnosia. Has a ridiculously long name.6-5 (Khura'in trial)
Leader of the defiant dragons. Accused of the assassination of queen Amara.6-5 (Khura'in trial)
Father of Apollo. Traveling Musician. Died during the attempted assassination of queen Amara.Assassination
Head servant of the Sprocket family. Was involved in a car accident that killed Selena Sprocket.6-DLC
Detective and friend of prosecutor Jacques Portsman. Was killed when he discovered Portsman breaking into Edgeworth's office.AAI-1
Agent for Interpol. Worked together with Franziska Von Karma to investigate a smuggling ring.AAI-2
Scapegoat for the Amano Group. Lauren Paups's father.AAI-3
Father of Kay. Prosecutor and a member of the original Yatagarasu. Was killed by fellow member Calisto Yew. The inventor of Little Thief.AAI-4
Hired by Calisto Yew to murder a witness of an upcoming trial. Claimed to be the Yatagarasu. Killed by Calisto Yew.AAI-4
Ambassador at the Cohdopian embassy. Killed by an assassin sent by Calisto Yew.AAI-4
Employee with the Amano group. Calisto Yew claimed to be her sister despite the former not having any siblings. The victim of the KG-8 Incident.KG-8
Employee of the Babahl embassy. The culprit of the KG-8 incident. Accused of being the leader of the Cohdopian smuggling ring.AAI-5
A copycat of Mask☆DeMasque. Was hired to break into the Allebastian embassy to steal the Primidux statue.AAI-5
Boduguard of the president of Zheng Fa. Was killed during an assassination attempt. Thwarted an assassination attempt by Shelly de Killer.AAI2-1
Other bodyguard of the president of Zheng Fa. Injured his neck during an assassination attempt. Friend of Simon Keyes.AAI2-2
Sculptor working in france. Was killed during Jeffrey Master's pastry making contest.AAI2-3 (IS-7)
Pastry chef. Abandoned his son Simon to study sculpting in Zheng Fa. The culprit of the IS-7 incident.AAI2-3 (Non-Lethal)
Member of the PIC. Killed by Blaise Debeste when she tried to kill him.AAI2-4
'President of Zheng Fa'. Behind the killing of the real president.AAI2-5
Former president of Zheng Fa. Killed when he tried to meet his newborn son John Marsh.AAI2-5 SS-5
Photographer who witnessed the killing of the president of Zheng Fa. Killed for knowing too much.AAI2-5 SS-5

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