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Can you name the Mythological monsters listed below?

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A one-eyed giant
A mans body with a goat horns/legs
A man that changes into a hairy wolf like creature at full moon
A womans body mixed with a vultures legs/wings
A giant snake with multiple heads
A three-headed dog known to be Hades loyal guardian
A horse with wings and usually a horn in the center of its head
A sacred immortal bird made of fire
A horses lower body mixed with a mans upper body
Giants that used to rule before the Olympians (Atlas was one of these)
A brutish giant that ate humans
A giant monster like creature that was usually a mix between a snake, goat, and a lion
A legendary winged creature that was a mix between a lion and an eagle
A monsterish like mix between a man and a bull, mans body bulls head/legs
A fiendish like creature with hundreds of eyes all over its body
Giant serpents usually with wings that could breath fire and would destroy settlements
A Theban monster with the head of a woman and the body of a lioness
Monstrous women with heads wreathed in snakes and tusks coming from their mouths

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