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Can you name the Borderlands Trivia (Pre Expansions)?

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Brand of Gun 'An easy to use gun'
Brand of Gun (Good recoil reduction rates)
Brand of Gun (Very high fire rate)
Brand of Gun (Huge magazines)
Brand of Gun (Shoots elemental rounds)
Brand of Gun (Good Damage and High Fire Rate)
Brand of Gun (Very high damage)
Brand of Gun (Insane accuracy)
Brand of Gun 'Gun of the Titans'
Person/Creature (Resemble Dogs)
Person/Creature (Evil Birdies)
Person/Creature (2 in 1 animal with critical area being the eye)
Person/Creature (Bugs)
Person/Creature (2 in 1 animal with critical being the buttox region)
Person/Creature (Main human enimies)
Person/Creature (Secondary human enimies with too much armor)
Person/Creature (Only found near the vault)
Main Characters (Trained soldier)
Main Characters (I wear goggles 24/7)
Main Characters (7' 9' 400 Pounds of Muscle)
Main Characters (Girl...)
Bosses (Skags)
Bosses (Skag)
Bosses (Skag)
Bosses (Skags)
Bosses (Skag)
Bosses (Rakk)
Bosses (Rakk)
Bosses (Scythid)
Bosses (Scythid)
Bosses (Spiderant)
Bosses (Spiderant)
Bosses (Spiderant)
Bosses (Spiderant)
Bosses (Elephant/Dinosaur/Rhino Thing)
Bosses (Squidosaurastootheye?) Last Boss
Bosses (Human/Three-Balls)
Bosses (Human/Voodoo Priest)
Bosses (Human/Turret Man)
Bosses (Human/One Eye)
Bosses (Humans/Brothers)
Bosses (Human/Sniper)
Bosses (Human/Awesome Throne)
Bosses (Human/Hammer)
Bosses (Human/Crimson Lance)
Bosses (Human/Little Man)
Bosses (Human/Giant Sword) (Flynt)
Bosses (Human/Finger Necklace) (Flynt)
Areas (Beginning)
Areas (Lots of Skags)
Areas (Safehouse)
Areas (Huge Skag Everywhere)
Areas (Semi-Lost)
Areas (Hammer Boy is here)
Areas (Lucky)
Areas (Generators)
Areas (Rusty Nails)
Areas (Rust is Common hereW)
Areas (Rust is also Common HerE)
Areas (Earl)
Areas (Party Boat!)
Areas (Turret Man is here)
Areas (This place is Trashy)
Areas (Hates New Haven)
Areas ('The Final Piece')
Areas (Not the frontdoor)
Areas (Red Quickness is to...)
Areas (ECHO Command)
Areas (There is no 'I' or 'A' in the second part,) (Guardians)
Areas (Getting to the Guardians)

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