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Can you name the Species of Kangaroo?

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Lagostrophus fasciatus
Dendrolagus inustus
Dendrolagus lumholtzi
Dendrolagus bennettianus
Dendrolagus ursinus
Dendrolagus matschiei
Dendrolagus dorianus
Dendrolagus goodfellowi
Dendrolagus spadix
Dendrolagus pulcherrimus
Dendrolagus stellarum
Dendrolagus mbaiso
Dendrolagus scottae
Dorcopsis muelleri
Dorcopsis hageni
Dorcopsis atrata
Dorcopsis luctuosa
Dorcopsulus vanheurni
Dorcopsulus macleayi
Lagorchestes asomatus
Lagorchestes conspicillatus
Lagorchestes hirsutus
Lagorchestes leporides
Macropus agilis
Macropus dorsalis
Macropus eugenii
Macropus greyii
Macropus irma
Macropus parma
Macropus parryi
Macropus rufogriseus
Macropus antilopinus
Macropus bernadus
Macropus robustus
Macropus rufus
Macropus fuliginosus
Macropus giganteus
Onychogalea fraenata
Onychogalea lunata
Onychogalea unguifera
Petrogale brachyotis
Petrogale burbidgei
Petrogale concinna
Petrogale persephone
Petrogale rothschildi
Petrogale xanthopus
Petrogale assimilis
Petrogale coenensis
Petrogale godmani
Petrogale herberti
Petrogale inornata
Petrogale lateralis
Petrogale mareeba
Petrogale penicillata
Petrogale purpureicollis
Petrogale sharmani
Setonix brachyurus
Thylogale billardierii
Thylogale browni
Thylogale brunii
Thylogale calabyi
Thylogale lanatus
Thylogale stigmatica
Thylogale thetis
Wallabia bicolor

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