The earth game

Can you name the The earth game?

Thunderstorms develop from cumulus clouds into what kind of clouds?
What causes cumulus clouds to grow by the energy transfer method of ?
What are the three conditions that have to exist that thunderstorms
The cloud's growth stops when the rate of WHAT in the cloud diminishes
What type of thunderstorm forms when an air mass rises as a result of orographic lifting?
What type of thunderstorm forms because of temperature differences between the air over land and the air over water?
What type of thunderstorm forms as cold air pushes warm air up at a boundary between cold and warm air masses
What are the three stages of a thunderstorm?
How many thunderstorms are occurring at any moment around the world?
If the air rose because of unequal heating of earth's surface what is the thunderstorm called?
Extremely powerful thunderstorms that develop intense, rotating updrafts are?
Electricity caused by the rapid rush of air in a cumulonimbus cloud is?
violent downdrafts that are concentrated in one local area are?
powerful downdrafts that affect an area of less than 3 km are?
precipitation in the form of balls or lumps of ice is?
the intense updrafts and downdrafts that characterize severe thunderstorms are the result of?
what occurs if rain falls to fast for the ground to absorb it?
hail forms in part because of the presence of?
What is a violent,whirling column of air in contract with the ground?
How hot does a lighting bolt heat the air around it?
what is the first stage of a hurricane?
what is the second stage of a hurricane?
what is the third stage of a hurricane?
what is the last stage of a hurricane ?
what is the worst category of a hurricane?
what do the people in the philippines call hurricane?
what do the people in australia?
what do we call a hurricane
what do people in the western pacific call hurricanes?
what do people in the indian ocean call hurricanes
what is the result if a thunderstorm remains over an area for many hours
what is the result when an extended period of well-below-normal rainfall?
what is the result when an extended period of above-normal-temperatures happens?
what is the result when an extended period of below-normal-temperature happens
what is the measure of how cold it feels to humans when the wind is blowing?
what are the four recurring weather patterns?
what can cause flooding?
what were the 1930's called to most central u.s citizens
what is one side effect to heat waves?
what is the heat index based on?

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