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QUIZ: Can you name the Original Top Trumps Predators?

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Intimidating, poisonous snake
Hunting, group fish
Light, american hawk
Territorial, nocturnal bird
Very large, constrictor snake
Amoured, well designed predator insect
Kill prey by piercing the skull with teeth, big cat
Ambushing, paralysing prey spider
Superior intelligence, kills for fun
Regular hunter of small prey, big cat
Stinging relative of spiders
Kills humans, has powerful venom, spider
Use the sun for cover, fastest bird
Takes kill into trees, incredibly strong big cat
Group ambush tactics, females do the hunting
Primary night hunters, large teeth and jaws, known for their strange calls
Uses 'still hunting' technique, largest bear
Kills by piercing the throat, beautiful coats
Skilled ocean predator, not what the title claims it to be
Attack from below, feared greatly by man, lives in ocean
Adapted to arctic, feeds on rodents and birds, canid family
Day hunter, incredible speed
Catch food and return later, feeds on migrating salmon
Swallow small prey hole, large prey dragged under water
Swoops down and catches prey in its talons, eagle
Diamond shaped head, can rattle tail
Largest reptile, can hide from prey very well
Pack living animals, commonly known wild canid
Bury uneaten prey, active through winter, big cat
Violent predator, will eat almost anything, shark

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