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Can you name the Family Guy characters based on these descriptions of them?

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Forced Order
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Sex Pervert
Wooden Limbs
Ugly, poor deluded, lonely girl(guy?)
Man with skanky wife & messed up son
Strong above but 'weak' below
Not a 'chicken' when it comes to fighting Peter
Drunk lonely character hated by the Sex Pervert
Nerdy boy that may be only the guy that hits on Meg
Huge grudge against Peter after 'stealing' his daughter
Cranky, old, God loving man (deceased now)
Son of police officer, died in Iraq
Was evil until revealed in latest episodes
Fat and irish and if you get this wrong you are not a Family Guy fan
Diabolical baby whos first plans were to bomb Europe
Bar owner who almost died in fire
Peter's either recent boss or boss from past
Redheaded mother of three children
Pregnant for like 10 years, finally given birth
Nerdy, Jewish Pharmacist
Mayor of Quahog and not the best mayor
Deli owner with very monotone voice
Dumb blonde that makes really good lemonade
Fast speaking African American
Doctor for most of the town, possible homosexual
Boring convenience store owner
Fat teenager who is son of fat Irish man
Lives with his mom but he kills(Great combo)
Hates her news co-worker and is loved by no one
Bullies meg and all the other losers of the school
Demented pervert/pedophile who lives down the street

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