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Ian's choice in all food battles.
which food was raining in 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs', smosh edition?
who is Cletus' friend in 'that damn neighbor?
which celebrity guest star guest starred in an april fools episode of smosh?
who is the only guy ian would go gay for?
what is the name of the drunk guinea pig?
which episode did Shane Dawson guest star in?
What did Anthony find in the ground in Food Battle 2009?
what ethnicity is Anthony?
In 'Breaking the habit' what was Anthony's bad habit?
Smosh hintsSmosh answer
In 'a merry gangsta christmas' wat did his homey get him for the fourth day of christmas?
What was Anthony's baby's (Samuel) favorite show?
In 'Cat Soup' what food did Ian of course still like?
Who did Anthony run over with his car in 'Ian's birthday?'
A picture of who is found in Anthony's refrigerator?(initials needed)
Who was Ian's role model in 'Male model?'
What does Phoung keep saying he can do?
How much money did Ian and Anthony need to raise in 'Quest for the scooter?'
Who did Anthony look like at the end of 'Anthony gets a haircut?' (only last name needed)
Who could you get a picture of if you purchased the easy step?

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