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What caused Richard Webber to need brain surgery in season 1?
What is Addison's maiden name?
Where did Alex Karev go to medical school?
What is the surgical specialty of Preston Burke?
What does Cristina drive to work everyday?
Name Meredith's father
How many sisters does Meredith have as of Season 4?
How many characters does George sleep with whilst he is on the show?
Who does Miranda Bailey lose the title of Chief Resident to?
What did Izzie name the clinic that she founded?
Who stole April Kepner's diary in season six?
What show did Addison Montgomery become the main character of?
Which attending does Alex Karev sleep with in season 3?
Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman met in what profession?
What is the name of Mark Sloan's 18 year old daughter?
What is the name of Jackson Avery's mother?
Owen Hunt removes what from Cristina Yang on their first meeting?
Arizona Robbins is invited to what African country after winning her grant?
Why does Callie need major surgery in the musical episode?
What is the name of the Grey's Anatomy theme song?

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