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Forced Order
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Siam is the former name of which country?
In which state would you find the George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in the same place?
What is the longest river in North America?
Which US state borders only one other US state?
What is the most active volcano in Europe?
Bogotá is the capital of which South American country?
What is the only mainland North American country to not have a Pacific Border?
Which 2 countries in South America do not share a border with Brazil
What is the smallest US state by area?
Lesotho is completely surrounded by what country?
Name the smallest country in the world
Phnom Penh is the capital of which Asian country?
Which US state has the longest border with Canada
Name the largest landlocked country in the world
How many countries does Russia border?
What is the largest country in Africa by area?
What country officially owns Greenland?
Name the longest river in Asia
Which continent has the highest population?
Which country has the longest coastline in the world?
In which country would you find Mount Kilimanjaro?
How many stars feature on the Chinese flag?
In what Italian city would you find a leaning tower?
What is the longest river in Europe?
What is the largest lake in the US?
Name the deepest lake in the world
The aral sea borders Kazakhstan and what other country?
What is the largest US state by area?
In which country would you find Angkor Wat?
What is the name of the mountain range found between France and Spain?

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