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HintAnswerCutie Mark
Egghead who has an assistant dragon.One giant star, along with 5 or 6 other stars.
Farm Girl and bucks apples. 3 apples.
Most shy of the group, excellent singer.3 Butterflies
All about fashion, always is rushing around.3 diamonds.
Loves parties, and is very funny.3 Balloons
Coolest, and best flyer.Rainbow Lightning Bolt
Dragon who always helps Twilight.None
Applejack's Little SisCMC
Rainbow Dash's Little SisCMC
Rarity's Little SisCMC
From Manehattan, Being BulliedCMC
HintAnswerCutie Mark
Largest Royalty, always sends letters to Twilight.The Sun
Celestia's SisterThe Moon
Had Royal Wedding with Twilight's brother.(Mi Amore Cadneza) Crystal Heart
Twilight's BrotherShield Star (Quite Like Twilight's)
Celestia's Nephew4 Sided Star
Very DERPYBubbles
Oldest Apple Family MemberApple Pie
Always says 'YEP'(Big Mac) Half of Granny Apple
From Appleloosa, Defends apples from herd of buffalo.Braeburn Apple
In Applejack's Flashback (Aunt and Uncle..)Oranges

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