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HistoryPonyCutie Mark
Main Character of the Show. Has servant owl and dragon.Star with mini stars.
Main person in the Apple Family. 3 stacked apples.
Most shy of the group. Loves Nature.3 Butterflies.
Hates dirty work. Loves fashion instead.3 diamonds.
Funniest of the group. Loves to party.3 Balloons.
Coolest of the group. Fast pony who loves the Wonderbolts.Rainbow Lightning Bolt
Servant for Twilight. Jealous of an owl earlier in the seasons.None
Applejack's Little sisterCMC (Cutie Mark Crusader)
Always wants to be like Rainbow Dash.CMC
Rarity's Little SisterCMC
Bullied back in Manehattan. Joined the CMC.CMC
Highest Royalty. Main Princess.The Sun
Used to be 'Nightmare Moon' Now is Celestia's Sister.The Moon
Aka 'Mi Amore Cadenza'Crystal Heart
Twilight's Brother.Star Shield (Quite like Twilight's)
Celestia's Nephew, or Rarity's OLD crush.Yellow and Purple Star
Oldest of the Apple Family.Apple Pie
A.K.A 'Big Mac'Half of a Granny Apple
Lives in Appleloosa (Shown at the tration)Particular type of apple. (Brae)
Shown in Applejack's flashback. (Aunt and Uncle)Oranges
Greets Rarity in the episode 'Sweet and Elite'3 Turnips
Makes her debut by showing Pinkie and Applejack the 'History of the Apple Family''Golden Delicious' tree.
The ones who work at the Sugarcube Corner.Pieces of Cake
The 2 babies that reak havoc when Pinkie Pie offers to babysit them.Only Babies. (No CM yet!)
The bully at school with her sidekick who always make fun of the CMC's for being Blank Flanks.Tiara
The sidekick of the bully at school.Spoon
A funny character who is normally a blank flank until the episode, 'Call of the Cutie' in which, she receives her cutie mark.Candy canes in a shape of a heart.
2 uneducated ponies who always cause trouble. The even awoke a sleeping ErsaMinor.Scissors
HistoryPonyCutie Mark
The other trouble maker.A snail.
A roller skater who competes in the talent show with her buddy, in the episode, 'The Show Stoppers'.A smaller sun.
The partner of Sunny DazePeaches
A funny little pony who enters Ponyville for his first Nightmare Night. None
A very skinny pony whom accompanies Diamond Tiara as her picture taker for the daily newspapers.A white feather.
Thunderlane's Younger brother.None
Princess Luna's Dark side.Moon
Friends with Fluttershy. Teams up with Tirek in the last episode in Season 4.None
Tries to steal Cadence's identity on her wedding day.None
Attempts to take over the Crystal Empire. Covers Shining Armor's horn in rocks.None
Steals Twilight's tiara, and makes a quest to human life.Blazing Sun
Steals all pony's magic and takes over Ponyville.None
Showoff who thinks her magic is better than everybody else's.Magic Wand
The bullies who make names at RB and Fluttershy. Making their debut in 'Sonic Rainboom'.Basketballs
Second BullyA dumbell
Third BullyFootballs
The brothers who think they can take over the Apple Farm, and who think they have better apples than Applejack.Half an apple
The second Bad BrotherA full apple
Wants the Ring of Destiny that Daring Do always mentions. He is a servant for Ahuizotl.Yellow skull
The antagonist in Spike's comic who he mentioned fell into a substance that turned her crazy.None
Mean pony who steals Rarity's lineup of clothing in the episode, 'Rarity Takes Manehattan'.3 buttons
Rainbow Dash's old friend who she went to flight camp with who is not a big fan of Pinkie Pie and her 'crude' jokes. None (Griffon)
The dogs who kidnap Rarity to find diamonds for them.None (Their dogs)
The main antagonist in Rainbow Dash's book who is against Daring DoNone
The dragon who picks on Spike. (The leader of the teenage dragons.)None
The pony who comes to see Rarity's lineup of dresses. (First time, all ponies asked for THEIR own suggestions of their dresses) Second time was successful. Paper Fan
The pony who comes to use Rarity for pictures, but fails and Fluttershy has to take Rarity's place.Just like Twilight's but has many more stars.
The pony who steals Rarity's purple dress idea in 'For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils' Colorful duo of ring.
HistoryPonyCutie Mark
The most important pony in Canterlot who is seen with Fleur Dis LEeA Crown.
She is an undercover pony who is against Ahuizotl and is in Rainbow Dash's favorite book series.Compass
The pony who is at the front desk when Rarity arrives lastly in Rarity Takes Manehattan.Scissors and Yarn
The pony who Rarity is IN LOVE with, but likes Applejack more.Cloth Stitches
The LEADER of the Wonderbolts.Flame
The pony who Rainbow Dash saves and who also is the only main boy in the Wonderbolts.Lightning Bolt w/ Wings
The third and last person in the Wonderbolts. Has a bit of a lisp.Horseshoe w/ Wings
The mayor of Ponyville.Ribbon Paper
The teacher of Scootaloo's, Applebloom's, or Sweetie Belle's schoolFlowers
Twilight's MomSparkle(Just like Twilight)
Twilight's DadCrescent Moon
The wizard of Ponyville. Twilight's 'Halloween' costume.???
Rarity's MomCookies
Rarity's Dad4 Footballs
The bulky and cocky pony who always is yelling.Dumbell
The pony that made Rainbow Dash... Clip her wing, send many other ponies off the obstacle course, and almost hurt her friends from her wild tornado idea.Lightning Bolt w/ Stars
The party-pony planner who is in town to throw a party for RB, but Pinkie assumes he is taking her place. Grilled Cheese
Pinkie Pie's sister.Black Diamond
The helpful zebra.He is a zebra. (Hypnotizing Circle)
Fluttershy's obnoxious and sweet little bunny.None
Applejack's helpful and resourceful dog.None
Rarity's weird and mean cat. None
Pinkie Pie's funny and toothless alligator.None
Celestia's 'sick' and weird bird. (Turns into a Phoenix)None
The owl who Spike assumes is Twilight's new #1 helper.None
RB's helpful and slow turtle that helps RB when her wing gets caught under a boulder.None
The pony who is very 'DERPY'Bubbles

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