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Main PowerCharacterColor/s
TNT explosion if too close.Green
Bow and Arrow.White
Always sad, but when hit it screams and spits fireballs.White
Very sly and sneaky, and is very annoying. Very small as well.Gray/Silver
3 different variable sizes, and does do damage when jumping.Green (Clear)
A very annoying, 8-legged mob that always kills you unless you have a sword.Black
Has a gold sword, lives in the Nether, and is half pig and half zombie.Pink, Gray, Green
In the dog family, always is lovable unless you hit it.White
Has red eyes, and hates any mob when spawned with Iron.Silver, Brown, White
Always moos and you can pick up leather.Brown, White
A cow, but now upgraded with mushrooms!Red, White
Only ocean habitat, and can pick up an ink sac after killing.Navy Blue
The mob who spawns the most, and is the most popular mob on Minecraft.Green, Blue
Snorts, and can pick up raw or cooked porkchop.Pink
Flaming mob of death, when hit it shoots fire.Yellow, Orange, Black
The small little cat family runner that only spawns in the jungle or forest biome.Orange, Yellow
Main PowerCharacterColor/s
A skeleton riding on a spider.Black, White, Red
Can get black or white wool when shearing or killing this mob.White
The largest mob in Minecraft when you are ready to complete the game.Black, Purple
A little snowman.Orange, White
The tall mob who teleports.Purple, Black
The spider that you can only find in caves and underground.Red, Blue
The small 'Gobble, Gobble' mob that Notch and Mojang don't declare if it is a duck or something else... White
The flame version of the Slime.Red, Maroon
The people who always trade you Emeralds or other items for Wheat, etc..Brown, Tan
Known for crashing computers, and having bright white eyes.Green, Blue
The villager, but now alot more mean, and psychotic.Black, Brown, Tan
The zombie version of the villager.Blue, Green
The other boss that has 3 heads.Black
The black version of the skeleton.Black
The small little flying winged (bat) Brown
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