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Can you name the Can You Name All the Gobblegums in BO3? (Pictures)?

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Normal GumWalk faster while aiming in.
Normal GumRespawn with the guns you had when you died out.
Normal GumLonger bleedout time.
Normal GumPlayer is ignored by zombies for 10 seconds.
Normal GumAmmo is taken from the stockpile instead of clip.
Normal GumRespawn at the end of a round instead of the beginning of the next round.
Normal GumMelee attacks deal x5 more damage.
Normal GumTeleports the player to a random location.
Normal GumThe gobblegum version of PhD Flopper.
Normal GumSwitch weapons and melee faster and stronger.
Normal GumCan fire while sprinting.
Normal GumCharge special weapons faster. (Ex. Annihilator, Raganrok, etc.)
Normal GumIncreases chances of getting Dead Wire, Turned, etc.
Normal GumAll zombies will chase the player for 10 seconds.
Normal GumEarn ammo for every 10 points that are earned,
Descent DLCZombies will vomit uncontrollably when killed.
Salvation DLCZombies that are killed will fall straight up.
Zombie ChroniclesWill change the colors of zombies.
MegaFunny noises will play every time a zombie is killed.
MegaKeeps all perks after being revived.
MegaIf a zombies hits the player, all nearby zombies will be engulfed in flames
MegaSpawn a Nuke powerup.
MegaTurns the current weapon into a pack-a-punched weapon for 60 seconds.
MegaSpawns a random powerup.
MegaSpawns a Fire-Sale powerup.
MegaSpawns a Carpenter powerup.
MegaAutomatically revive a player who is down and they will keep there perks
MegaWhen the player melees a zombie, nearby zombies will be zapped to death.
MegaRespin the box after getting a weapon.
MegaCarry an extra perk.
MegaSpawn a Double Points powerup.
Awakening DLCSpawn a Death Machine powerup.
Awakening DLCWhen activated, nearby zombies will become crawlers.
Eclipse DLCRe-roll the box if you get a teddy bear.
Descent DLCGuns will cycle every 10 seconds for 5 minutes.
Descent DLCWhen the player slides, two grenades will be thrown from the ground.
Salvation DLCCan see the zombies heads, killing them.
Zombie ChroniclesFixing one board at a window fixes the rest of the windows.
Zombie ChroniclesGives 2 random gobblegums that aren't in your pack.
Zombie ChroniclesAll zombies ignore players for 10 seconds.
Zombie ChroniclesZombies within 15 feet of a board being repaired will be killed.
RareSpawns a Max Ammo powerup.
RareSpawns an Instakill powerup.
RareSpawn a free perk.
RareThe next gun you buy off the wall will become Pack-A-Punched.
Awakening DLCSlow down all zombies to shambling speed.
Eclipse DLCAll zombies seen by players will freeze in place.
Eclipse DLCPower-ups last longer.
Descent DLCThe next gun that is grabbed from the Mystery Box becomes Pack-A-Punched.
Salvation DLCOnly available on a Pack-A-Punched weapon, but it changes the current variant. (Ex. Turned, etc.)
Zombie ChroniclesSpawns an Extra Credit power up.
Zombie ChroniclesGives a free perk when another is bought.
Ultra RareAll zombies freeze for 20 seconds.
Ultra RareGrants all perks in the map.
Awakening DLCIf a bullet hits a part that isn't a head, it will automatically be a headshot.
Eclipse DLCAny wall-buy can be used to get ammo for any weapon.
Descent DLCBuy anything for free for 1 minute.
Salvation DLCActivated for 3 rounds, but it revives players by simply being near them and the player keeps their perks.
Salvation DLCIf near the player, any points earned will go to both players.
Salvation DLCWhen activated, the round will automatically end and all players will gain 1600 points.
Salvation DLCWhen downed, shoot any zombie and kill them to be revived with perks.
Zombie ChroniclesMore powerups drop per round.
Zombie ChroniclesWill drop each of the 9 core powerups.

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