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QUIZ: Can you name the Call of Duty: Zombies Trivia?

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HIntFactExtra Info
MapFirst zombie map ever created.
MapThe Asylum map.
MapA swampy zombie map.
MapThe first map with a teleporter in it.
MapA map that takes place in a theatre.
MapZombies map with presidents as characters.
MapAn arcade-type game style
MapZombie map with monkeys and a rocket.
MapFrozen and chilly map with celebrities as characters.
MapSwampy map known for the Focusing Stone
MapMap is place on a completely different planet.
MapFirst BO2 map that travels through 6 different areas.
MapRemake of the beloved MP map after a nuke strikes the town.
MapMap is set on Alcatraz Island.
MapUnderground western town.
MapMap set in a broken town full of skyscrapers,
MapGiant robots and the start of the Zombies story.
MapFirst map introduced into Black Ops 3.
MapThe remake of Der Riese and the story of Richtofen,
MapThe second installment of the arcade game-mode.
MapMedieval castle with special bows. Story of Dempsey.
MapSwampy, old facility and story of Takeo.
MapMap with a huge dragon and story of Nikolai.
MapMap that ends it all and story of Maxis.
Wonder WeaponFirst wonder weapon ever.
Wonder WeaponThe second wonder weapon and is known as the Wunderwaffle.
Wonder WeaponLittle cymbal-holding animal.
Wonder WeaponStrong wonder weapon equipped with a cannon.
Wonder WeaponStrong pistol that freezes zombies.
Wonder WeaponDevice used to teleport yourself and kill zombies with a black hole.
Wonder WeaponDolls that are shot then split to 3 different explosions.
Wonder WeaponTurns zombies into humans or gives teammates god mode.
Wonder WeaponSniper that fires explosive bullets.
Wonder WeaponTurns zombies into babies which can then be kicked.
Wonder WeaponUsed to expand zombies, then blows them up.
Wonder WeaponWhen thrown, a gun will appear and will start shooting in circles.
Wonder WeaponWeapon used has a jet engine.
Wonder WeaponMakes a slippery surface.
Wonder WeaponPowerful shotgun can be upgraded to the Acidgat.
Wonder WeaponUpgraded, powerful Combat Axe.
Wonder WeaponThe most powerful melee in COD history. (Can be acquired through an Easter Egg)
Wonder WeaponThe second installment of the Raygun.
Wonder WeaponWeapon used to slow zombies or to fly up into the air.
Wonder WeaponUsed to time travel backwards.
Wonder WeaponElemental Staff used with wind.
Wonder WeaponElemental Staff used with fire.
Wonder WeaponElemental Staff used with ice.
Wonder WeaponElemental Staff used with lightning.
Wonder WeaponUsed to distract zombies, and rains fire of missiles.
Wonder WeaponAcquired by filling all soul boxes on Origins.
HIntFactExtra Info
Wonder WeaponAttachment on an elemental staff used for reviving others quickly.
Wonder WeaponPowerful weapon in BO3 spawns a black hole.
Wonder WeaponJust like the cymbal monkey's but a squid spawns.
Wonder WeaponAcquired after solving riddle and by filling eggs on SoE.
Wonder WeaponMuch like the Gravity Spikes on Der Eisendrache.
Wonder WeaponThe un-upgraded version of the bow on Der Eisendrache.
Wonder WeaponFreezes zombies in place once shined upon them.
Wonder WeaponSpawns spore bags on zombies and then explode.
Wonder WeaponTurn into a spider.
Wonder WeaponPowerful weapon also known as the RGMk3.
Wonder WeaponUsed as a flare, when thrown, dragon uses fire breath on that area.
Wonder WeaponWonder weapon made up of a hand and a wing.
Main CharacterRussian Soldier
Main CharacterAmerican Soldier
Main CharacterJapanese Solider
Main CharacterGerman doctor
Main CharacterLittle Girl.
Main CharacterOther scientist that worked with Richtofen.
'Five' CharacterPresident assassinated in 1963.
'Five' CharacterBusiness executive for JFK as well as a Secretary of Defense.
'Five' CharacterThe 37th U.S President.
'Five' CharacterFormer Prime Minister of Cuba. (Passed away in 2016)
TranZit/Buried/Die Rise CharacterWestern girl with plaid-tied shirt on.
TranZit/Buried/Die Rise CharacterYoung, nerdy man with glasses and is in a suit.
TranZit/Buried/Die Rise CharacterOlder, white man with wealth and has glasses.
TranZit/Buried/Die Rise CharacterOlder, black man with history of homelessness.
Mob of the Dead CharacterN/A
Mob of the Dead CharacterN/A
Mob of the Dead CharacterN/A
Mob of the Dead CharacterN/A
BossFiery dogs that were created by Maxis.
BossIn Moon and Kino, types of crawlers that expose toxins when killed.
BossThe boss on 'Five' who attempts to take weapons.
BossBosses on Shangri-La and Ascension.
BossBoss on Call of the Dead who is very hard to kill, but is calm in water.
BossZombie who will blow up in a fiery blast when your too close to it.
BossZombie who stuns you when they scream into your face.
BossThe boss who shows up on moon and will headbutt you if too close.
BossLittle baby zombies who appear on TranZit and scratch your face.
BossElectric boss on TranZit.
BossBosses seen on Die Rise who jump rapidly and run quickly to damage you.
BossScary and powerful boss on Mob of the Dead.
BossBoss on Buried who take 2000 points when they attack.
BossMetal-protected boss with flamethrower, hook, and shock charges.
BossZombies who spawn on Origins when you go to The Crazy Place or when turning on a Generator.
BossBoss on BO3 with three heads.
TrapCreates an electric barrier and zaps zombies as they pass.
TrapBuyable moving machinegun.
TrapMost popular trap on Shi No Numa.
TrapRush of water on Shangri-La.
HIntFactExtra Info
TrapTrap seen on Mob, which releases a deadly spray.
TrapTrap next to the Warden's Office on Mob involving a fan.
TrapTrap on Mob with a sniper in a lighthouse.
TrapTrap on Ascension and Kino which engulfs the floor on flames.
TrapAs seen on Gorod Krovi, the lazer eye of the robot.
TrapAlso seen on Gorod Krovi, the finger of the robot.
TrapTrap seen on SoE which traps zombies in chains for 10 seconds.
TrapTrap seen on Gorod Krovi which flings zombies across the map.
TrapTraps seen on Zetsobou No Shima which decapitates zombies.
TrapSeen on Der Eisendrache, gates will crush zombies as they go up and down.
TrapAlso seen on DE, a trap which electrocutes the entire ground.
BuildablesAs seen on Buried and TranZit, it is a moving fan that distracts zombies.
BuildablesOn almost all maps, the things that helps protect you from being hit.
BuildablesOn WaW it can be made with one piece, but it provides electricity throughout the entire map. (On almost every map)
BuildablesBuildable that helps jump you to certain places. Seen in Die Rise and Buried.
BuildablesThe way to fly to Pack-A-Punch on Mob of the Dead.
BuildablesChops zombies heads off on Buried.
BuildablesA huge subwoofer that can stun and kill zombies.
BuildablesA drone built on Origins using the brain of Maxis.
BuildablesA more advanced version of the shield with a fast power.
BuildablesMask used to shield yourself of deadly toxins.
BuildablesThe shield with a special move to throw spit at a zombie.
PerkExtra health.
PerkFaster reloading.
PerkFaster shooting and stronger damage.
PerkCarry 3 weapons.
PerkGives and electric shock when reloading.
PerkStuns zombies in a web of spiders.
PerkHelp run faster.
PerkHelps aim in to zombies heads easier.
PerkCan see perks through walls and drops extra points.
PerkBring yourself back to life or pick up others quicker.
 When you go down, makes a second version of you to pick you up.
PerkMakes an explosive range when diving and take no explosive damage.
Gun UpgradeCreates a stronger version of your current weapon by spending 5000 points.
Random Gun ProviderGives a random weapon for 950 points.
Power-UpReplenishes ammo.
Power-UpKills zombies with one shot or knife.
Power-UpDouble your points.
Power-UpGives you a free Death Machine.
Power-UpNukes the entire map, killing all zombies and setting them on fire.
Power-UpRepairs all the boards on the windows.
Power-UpOpen the box for only 10 points.
Power-UpGives a random perk-a-cola.

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