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Name the pokemon A-Z that are first in the alphabet. Here, I'll start you off. A: Abra B: Bagon

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LetterPokemonDescription, Pokedex Number
AA pokemon made after the abominable snowman, #460
BA pokemon with a hard shell and a blue and yellow body, #371
CA round cactus with a small crown, #331
DA pokemon who gives other living things terrible nightmares, #491
EThe first evolution of an electric eel pokemon, #603
FA small bird with a stick of celery in it's wing, #83
GThe first evolution of the dragon Garchomp, #444
HA large reptillian dragon with scales, #783
IThe baby version who then evolves into Jigglypuff, #174
JThe baby version of the reptillian dragon (Letter H's Pre-evolution), #782
KOne of the few fossil pokemon with a hard shell and red eyes, #140
LThe pre-evolution of Aagron, #305
MA pokemon with more than two arms with incredible strength, #68
LetterPokemonDescription, Pokedex Number
NA small korean bird, #177
OA large octopus pokemon with a large mouth to fire water, #224
PA close symbolization of Emolga but is an electric type as well and is blue, #417
QA derpy pokemon who evolves from Wooper, #195
RThe evolution from the mascot of pokemon, #26
SA pokemon known for stealing and holding gems and diamonds, #302
TEvolves into Swellow at Lvl. 20, #276
UThe only dark type of all the eeveelutions, #197
VThe second evolution of the ice cream cone pokemon, #583
WThe pre-evolution to the largest pokemon in weight and length, #320
XThe final evolution to the letter N, #178
YA pokemon who has a spirit trapped inside of itself with a mask, #562
ZA mongoose and a cat hybird, #335

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