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Can you name the civil rights campaigners 1865-1992?

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Set up theTuskogee Institute, Atlanta Speech 1895 African American
Niagara Movement, Co-founder of NAACPAfrican American
Campaign against LynchingAfrican American
Founder of UNIA 1915, Millitant ActionAfrican American
First African American elected to the House of RepresentativesAfrican American
Secretary of the NAACP 1930- 1935African American
SCLC Leader 1955-68, Birmingham Campaign 1963, March on Washington 1963African American
Critic of Non-violence, assassinated 1965African American
Co-founder of the Black PanthersAfrican American
Co-founder of the Black PanthersAfrican American
Inspired the Montgommery Bus Boycott 1955-56African American
Co-founder of SCLC, Leader in 1968African American
Set up the Alabama Christian Movement 1956African American
First African American Justice on Supreme Court, fought the Brown CaseAfrican American
Founded the National Labour Union in 1866Trade Unions
First Leader of the AFL 1886Trade Unions
Founded the Knights of LabourTade Unions
Founded the BSCP 1925Trade Unions/ African Americans
Founded the American Railway Union 1893Trade Unions
First Chairman of the National Recovery Administration, Developed the National Labour Relations Act 1935Trade Unions
Founded the CIO 1935, Leader from 1938-42Trade Unions
Commissioner for Indian Affairs 1933-45, Developed the 1934 Indian Reorganisation ActNative Americans
Founded the Indian Rights Association, Indian Commissioner 1929-33Native Americans
Sponsor of the 1887 General Allotment ActNative Americans
Co-planned the 1969 Seige of AlcatrazNative Americans
Co-planned the 1969 Seige of AlcatrazNative Americans
Author of 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee', Published 1970Native Americans
Founded the Hull House for settlement of immigrants in 1889Women
Early feminist, Co-founder of the WCTU 1874Women
Early feminist, Co-founder to the WCTU 1874Women
Founder of ANSW 1869Women
First Lady of the USA 1933-45, Role Model for WomenWomen
Secretary of Labour 1933-45, First femal member of the CabinetWomen
Leading Figure in the Prohibition CampaignWomen
Established the American Birth Control Leauge 1921Women
Lawyer that fought the Roe VS Wade Case 1973Women
Lawyer that Fought the Roe VS Wade Case 1973Women
Campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendement 1978Women

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