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Can you name the answers to these questions about the history of Central America that begin with the letters A-Z?

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From 1896 to 1898, this Honduran town served as capital of the Greater Republic of Central America, a short-lived union between Honduras, Nicaragua, and El SalvadorA
In 1510, this Spanish explorer founded Santa María la Antigua del Darién, the first permanent European settlement on the mainland of the Americas: Vasco Núñez de ______B
Possibly built over the ruins of the capital of the ancient Maya kingdom of Chactemal, this Belizean town was founded by refugees from the Caste War of Yucatán in 1848C
Born Félix Rubén García Sarmiento, this famous Nicaraguan poet, author of 'Azul...' (1888), dies in León in 1916, at age 49: Rubén ______D
Also known as Tapica, this powerful Lenca chief appointed Lempira as leader of the Lenca resistance against the Spaniards in 1537E
This Costa Rican politician, who served as president of his country in three occasions, abolished his country's army during his first term in office, in 1948: José _______F
British authorities deported several member of this Caribbean ethnic group to the Honduran island of Roatán in 1797G
This indigenous people founded numerous polities in present-day Costa Rica. The most important of them was the Kingdom of Garabito which was conquered by the Spaniards in 1574H
Formed in 1770, this famous Salvadoran volcano is known as 'The Lighthouse of the Pacific' because of its constant eruptions, which were visible from the ocean for almost 200 yearsI
Heir to the legendary King Oldman, this Miskito king came to power in 1687. He was the last ruler of the Mosquito Coast to have pure Native American ancestryJ
Led by Nele Kantule and Olokindipipilele, this indigenous nation rebelled against the Panamanian government in 1925K
This Honduran politician served as the first president of the Republic of El Salvador from 1841 to 1842: Juan _____L
Between 1899 and 1919, Guatemalan president Manuel Estrada Cabrera attempted to establish a cult in honor of this Roman goddessM
Established in the 9th century by the Chorotega people, this pre-Columbian kingdom had its capital in the present-day Costa Rican province of GuanacasteN
Forces loyal to Mexican emperor Agustin I and supporters of the establishment of an independent Costa Rican republic fought in this battle on April 5, 1823: Battle of _______O
Referred as 'Father of the Nation' in his native Belize, this politican was appointed as the first Prime Minister of his country on September 12, 1981: George Cadle _____P
The independence of the short-lived Sixth State of Los Altos was proclaimed on February 2, 1838 in this Guatemalan cityQ
Violeta Chamorro, the first elected female head of state in the Americas, was born in this Nicaraguan town on October 18, 1929R
From 1937 to 1979, Nicaraguan politics and government were controlled by this influential political familyS
Francisco Morazán, second president of the Federal Republic of Central America, was born in this Honduran city on October 3, 1792T
This Guatemalan dictator, who was nicknamed 'Number Five', ruled his country from 1931 to 1944: Jorge ______U
In 1537, King Charles I of Spain granted this hereditary domain, located in present-day Panama to Luis Colón de Toledo, grandson of Christopher Columbus: Duchy of _____V
This American filibuster seized power in Nicaragua in 1856, thus starting the Filibuster War, in which he was defeated by a Central American coalition in 1857: William _____W
This Honduran general led his country's forces in the Filibuster War (1856-1857). From his surname comes the term 'Catracho', a colloquial name for Hondurans: Florencio ______X
On November 13, 1960, rebel military forces attempted a coup d'etat against this Guatemalan dictator: Miguel _______Y
This Nicaraguan president declared the dissolution of the Mosquito Reserve, an autonomous territory in the Caribbean coast, in 1894: José Santos _____Z

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