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Can you name the answers to these questions about the history of Brazil that begin with the letters A-Z?

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Spanish journalist and adventurer Luis Gálvez Rodríguez de Arias proclaimed the independence of a short-lived republic in this present-day Brazilian state in 1899A
Portuguese settlers launched these expeditions during the 17th century in order to find gold and silver, capture Native Brazilians for slavery and destroy maroon settlementsB
This major peasant rebellion took place in the then-province of Grão-Pará in northern Brazil from 1835 to 1840C
In 1729, diamonds were discovered near this historical Brazilian town, which in 1938 was designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCOD
In 1824, a group of wealthy landowners in northeastern Brazil led a revolt against the imperial government in order to establish a new country known as Confederation of the ______E
This Brazilian marshal and politician was officially appointed as the first president of Brazil on February 19, 1891: Deodoro da ________F
Created from the first Brazilian Federal District in 1960, this former Brazilian state was annexed into the state of Rio de Janeiro in 1975G
France Antarctique, a short-lived French colony located in the present-day Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, was settled by members of this Christian religious group in 1555H
Pedro I of Brazil proclaimed the country's independence at the shore of this famous brook on September 7, 1822I
On July 24, 1839, Giuseppe Garibaldi and David Canabarro proclaimed the independence of this short-lived republic located in the present-day Brazilian state of Santa CatarinaJ
Brasilia, current capital of Brazil was founded by this famous president on April 21, 1960: Juscelino _______K
In 1975, archeologist Annette Laming-Emperaire discovered the skeleton of this famous Paleo-Indian woman. This discovery started a great debate about the origin of Native AmericansL
This famous soccer match was played in 1950, between the national teams of Uruguay and Brazil, which lost the game, resulting in one of the biggest upsets in football historyM
In 1960, this famous Brazilian architect, one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture, was commissioned to design the main buildings of Brasilia: Oscar _______N
This Spanish conquistador completed the first known navigation of the entire length of the Amazon River in 1542: Francisco de _______O
In 1817, Domingos José Martins proclaimed the establishment of an independent republic, free from the Portuguese rule, in this captaincy located in northeastern BrazilP
In the 17th century these settlements, usually founded by escaped African slaves, served also as refuge for several marginalized groups like Native Brazilians, Jews and ArabsQ
This Brazilian military officer and explorer led an expedition to the western Amazon Basin, along with former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt, in 1913: Cândido ______R
In 1835, an uprising by enslaved Muslims, known as the Malê Revolt, occurred in this Brazilian cityS
Born Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, this famous Brazilian revolutionary leader was executed by the Portuguese authorities on April 21, 1792T
The Tenda Espírita Nossa Senhora da Piedade, the first place of worship of this Afro-Brazilian religion, was founded in 1908U
Petrobras, the Brazilian semi-public oil company, was founded by this president and former dictator in 1953: Getúlio _____V
This famous Brazilian musician, mainly known by his album 'Rain Forest' (1966), died in San Francisco, in the U.S., on September 4, 1986, at age 54: Walter _______W
Located in the Brazilian state of Mato-Grosso, this indigenous territory was created in 1961 after years of political activism by the famous Villas-Bôas brothersX
In 1993, a group of illegal gold miners killed 16 members of this Brazilian indigenous tribe in what's known as the Haximu massacreY
This Maroon leader, the last king of Angola Janga, was killed and decapitated by Portuguese forces led by captain Furtado de Mendonça on November 20, 1696Z

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