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Can you name the prehistoric animals featured in Walking with Beasts?

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Time PeriodAnimalDescription
EoceneBipedal insectivore resembling modern elephant shrews
EoceneGiant flightless predatory bird
EoceneAquatic ancestor of the whale, which still has legs
EoceneMiniature ancestor of horses
EoceneLemur-like prosimian
Late EoceneEarly elongated carnivorous whale
Late EoceneLarge hooved carnivore
Late EoceneEarly primates which dwelt in tropical forests
Late EoceneRelatives of elephants, resembling tapirs, which lived in estuaries
Late EoceneRhinosaur-like relatives of horses, with a horn of bone
Late EoceneEarly whale, closer in size to dolphins
OligoceneLargest land mammal ever, related to the rhinoceros
OligoceneLarge predator with a small brain and big head
OligoceneLarge hooved animal with large clawed forearms
OligoceneLarge pig-like animal with long sharp teeth
Time PeriodAnimalDescription
OligocenePredator closely related to the ancestors of dogs
PlioceneElephant relative with downward curving tusks attached to lower jaw
PlioceneUpright walking ape which still had small brains, mostly herbivorous
PlioceneAfrican herbivore with large forelimbs
PlioceneAfrican feline with small saberteeth
PleistoceneGiant South American flightless predatory bird
PleistoceneLarge south American saber-toothed feline
PleistoceneGiant spike-tailed armadillo relative
PleistoceneLarge long-necked ungulate of South America
PleistoceneGiant ground sloth
Late PleistoceneLarge elephant that is covered in fur
Late PleistoceneGiant European elk
Late PleistoceneClose relative of humans that lived in central Europe
Late PleistoceneRhinoceros that is covered in fur

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