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Can you name the various regions of the world that are not sovereign?

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American insular areas
American outlying areas
Australian territories
British territories
British crown dependencies
British sovereign base areas
Chilean territories
Azerbaijani autonomous republic
Chinese special administrative regions
Danish external constituent countries
Dutch island areas
Finnish autonomous regions
French overseas departments/French special status region
French overseas territories
Insular Indian Union territories
New Zealand territories
Norwegian territories, integral and dependent
Portuguese territories
De-facto Countries
De-facto country, claimed by Georgia 
De-facto country, claimed by Serbia 
De-facto country, claimed by Azerbaijan 
De-facto country, claimed by Cyprus 
De-facto country, claimed by Somalia 
De-facto country, claimed by Georgia 
De-facto country, claimed by China 
De-facto country, claimed by Moldova 
De-jure, non-de-facto countries
Partially-administered by Israel 
Claimed and ruled by Morocco 

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