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Can you name the gods of various indigenous American pantheons?

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Feathered Snake Diety 
Black-and-Yellow Striped God 
Patron God of Tenochtitlan 
God of Rain and Water 
God of the Sun 
God of the Dead 
Goddess of Vice and Purification 
God of Lightning and Death 
God of Maize 
Coyote God of Dance 
Skeletal Warrior Goddess 
God of the Hunt 
Life-Death-Rebirth Diety 
God of Fire 
Yucatec Mayan
Feathered Snake Diety 
Sun God 
God of Rain and Water 
Creator Diety 
Jaguar Goddess of Midwifery 
K'iche Mayan
Feathered Snake Diety 
Moon Goddess 
Mountain God 
God of the Sun and Rain 
God of Wind, Fire, and Storm 
Creator God 
Fertility Goddess 
Sun God 
Moon Goddess 
Death God 

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