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Can you name the Deities of various Middle-Eastern Pantheons?

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Supreme Sun God 
Original self-created Diety 
Mysterious Supreme Diety 
The One Sole Sun God 
Personification of Air 
Personification of Moisture 
God of the Earth 
God of the Sky 
Lord of the Dead 
Mother God 
God of Deserts and Chaos 
Protective Death Goddess 
Falcon-headed God of War 
Jackal-headed God of Mummification 
Deification of the Primordial Mound 
Demon of Darkness 
Cow Goddess 
Lioness Goddess 
Crocodile God 
Ibis-headed god of Thought 
Goddess of Truth 
Goat-headed Source of the Nile 
Dung-beetle God 
Sumerian Creator Goddess 
Lord of Heaven 
Goddess of Earth 
Trickster God of Salt Water and Crafts 
Earth Mother Goddess 
God of the Air 
Goddess of the Air 
Moon God 
Consort of the Moon God 
God of Death 
God of Lagash 
Sun God 
Goddess of Beauty 
Storm God 
Goddess of the Underworld 
Supreme Assyrian God 
Supreme Babylonian God 
Salt Water Mother Goddess 
Fresh Water Father God 
Trickster God of Salt Water and Crafts 
Goddess of Beauty 
Moon God 
Sun God 
Storm God 
Father Diety 
Mother Diety 
Supreme Storm God 
Fertility Goddess 
God of Tyre 
God of Sidon and Healing 
Goddess of Beauty 
Violent War Goddess 
God of Moab 
Child Sacrifice God 
Supreme God 
Creator God 
Goddess of the Underworld 
Goddess of Fertility 
Goddess of Fate 
Father God 
Goddess of Fertility, Wisdom, and War 
Ancestral Dragon-Slayer 
Goddess of Fertility and Love 

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