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Can you name the successors of Alexander the Great's kingdom?

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Enemy of the first regent, who favored placing Alexander's son on the throne instead of waiting until his widow bore a child
First regent after Alexander's death, was assassinated while fighting in Egypt
Second regent after Alexander's death, who fought the Lamian war, and whose death created a succession crisis
Man appointed regent after the second regent's death, who lost in the resulting war
Son of the second regent, who killed Alexander the Great's son and proclaimed himself king of Macedon
Ruler of Egypt, who stole Alexander the Great's body from the first regent
King of Thrace who was killed at the battle of Corpedium by the ruler of the East
Ally of the second regent who participated in the Lamian war, died in battle in 321 BC
Commander of the first and third regent, who was betrayed by his men after the Battle of Gabiene
Satrap of Babylon whose descendents ruled most of the middle east, especially Syria
Mother of Alexander the Great who was killed after surrending at Pydna
Alexander the Great's widow who gave birth to his heir after his death.
Alexander the Great's mentally handicapped brother
Wife of Alexander the Great's half-brother, executed by Alexander's mother
Alexander the Great's postumous son
Most powerful diadochi during the third and fourth wars, who was killed at the Battle of Ipsus
Son of the leader who was killed at the Battle of Ipsus, who went on to rule Macedon
Grandson of the leader who died at Ipsus, who defeated the Gauls in 277 BC and stabalized the Kingdom of Macedon
Assassin of the leader of the Eastern Empire, who became Macedonian king until he was killed by the Gauls, son of the leader of Egypt
Leader of the Gauls who invaded Macedon in 279 BC
King of India whose contribution of war elephants tipped the balance in 301 BC at the Battle of Ipsus

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