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to choose
to resemble
to lose
to entrust to another
to set free
to measure (dimension)
to trespass
to make a mistake
to break; to destroy (promise) (through pressing)
to discuss
to throw
to throw away
to leave (behind); let remain
to fall
to kick
to drop (something)
to feel
to deposit
to start raining
to err (transitive)
to win
to gather; to collect (transitive)
to prepare; to furnish
to think; to consider
to be empty
to move (intransitive)
to compare
to occur; to happen
to turn off; to erase
to burn
to get dry
to raise; to rear
to become aware
to cure (transitive)
to shine
to measure (weight)
to increase
to persevere (used politely)
to pick up
to chop
to weaken
to help; to assist
to put on (ring, gloves, etc.)
to strike
to spill
to defeat; to win against (someone)
to continue
to escape
to be free (time)
to find
to pour
to chew
to boil (a liquid)
to decide
to change
to flow
to carry; to transport
to sway (intransitive)
to mix
to heat up
to fish
to spoil; to rot
to sleep (deeply)
to move (transitive)
to count
to limit
to kill
to pay (money)
to sway (transitive)
to hit; to come true
to bake
to pray
to fix; to repair
to tell (lies)
to rotate; to turn
to bend; to fold (transitive)
to get wet
to plant; to insert
to be cured
to say; to be called (formal)
to match; to fit
to commute; to attend (school)
to transfer
to tidy up
to stir-fry
to verify
to keep (a promise)
to take off (ring, gloves, etc.)
to gather; to assemble (intransitive)
to measure (time)
to dance
to believe
to decrease
to defeat; to knock down

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