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Athens is the captial of which modern day country?
Region of Greece in which Athens lies
Port city of Athens
Location near Athens famed for its silver mines in Ancient times
name of the market section of Athens
Name of the high location in Greek cities, especially Athens
Most famous building in the high location of the city, built in honor of Athena, famous for its columns
Legendary half-snake king of Athens during the contest between Poseidon and Athena, sometimes considered the first king
Legendary king of Athens who slayed the Minotaur, son of Aegeus
after the end of the Athenian monarchy, these nine officials became the rulers instead
Title of one of these nine officials, for whom the year was named
Title of one of these nine officials, the commander in chief of Athens
Title of one of these nine officials, the king
Hill in Athens where the council of elders met, named after the god of war
Lived c. 638 BC–558 BC, stateman known for laying the foundations of Athenian democracy, who sought to oppose the political and moral decline of Athens
Tyrant from 546 to 527 BC, cousin of answer number 15, tried to produce a definitive form of Homer's epics
Either of two sons of the previous answer, who were replaced by a democratic system
Either of the two men responsible for murdering one of the two brothers in the previous answer, Greek pederastic couple known as the Tyrannicides
Greek of the Alcmaeonid family who set Greece on a democratic footing in either 508 or 507 BC, known as the father of Athenian democracy
Author of the play Agamemnon
Play written by the previous example, which is known as the oldest extant play in existence
Author of the play Oedipus Rex
Another play besides Oedipus Rex in the Theban cycle
Greek tragedian known for his strong female and slave roles, and for satirizing Greek heroes
Play by the previous answer that talks about the suffering of Hecuba and Andromache
Best known playwright of Athenian Old Comedy, known for his political satire
Play written by previous answer about women who seek to end war by refusing to have sex with their men
Best known playwright of Athenian New Comedy
The only example of Greek New Comedy that has survived in its entirety
Greek historian known as the 'father of history'
Greek historian who wrote about the war between Athens and Sparta, more scientific than the Father of History
Greek historian who wrote the Anabasis
Battle in 490 BC 25 miles from Athens in which the Greeks repulsed the landing Persian fleet
Runner who collapsed and died upon reporting news of this battle
Commander of this battle
Commander during the Battle of Salamis
Athenian commander known for his contributions to the Athenian's maritime empire, who defeated the Persians at the Eurymedon River
Athenian politician who sought to increase the power of democracy, and was killed by the oligarchs, and was succeeded by his disciple, the most famous leader of the Greek Golden Ag
Sculptor of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia
reknowned Greek sculptor known for his female nudes
Greek philosopher who is famous for killing himself by drinking hemlock, known for his ethical discussions and ironic tone
best known student of that philosopher, who preseved many of his discussions in writing, and known for his writings on philosophy and ethics.
The institution founded by this philosopher
Work by this philosopher which lays out his ideas about the perfect city state
Student of this philosopher, whose own philosophies were the most important in Europe during the Middle Ages
School founded by this philosopher, best known for its natural history
The fifth element, according to this philosopher
Philosophy expounded by this philosopher investigating the principles of reality
Sucessor of the previous philosopher at the Paripatetic school, known for his work on botany
Reknowned orator best known for his Philippics, a series of orations which denounced the Macedonian king, Philip II
Famous war against Sparta from 431 to 404 BC, in which Athens lost its hegemony over Greece
The League controlled by Athens during this war
Athenian leader during it Golden Age, who died during a plague
Wife of this ruler, who may have previously been a prostitute
A type of prostitute that is very highly cultured, much like a courtesan
Athenian commander who is exiled for defacing Athenian statues, and defected to Sparta, until he is caught sleeping with one of the king's wives.
Commander during the Sicilian expedition, who was executed after he was captured by the Spartans
Greek statesman during its war with Sparta, known for his desire to often fight Sparta, killed at the Battle of Amphipolis
Leader of 'The Thirty Tyrants,' the pro-Spartan oligarchy set up at the end of the war, uncle of a reknowned philosopher, killed fighting the re-emerging pro-Democratic faction
Leader of 'The Thirty Tyrants,' who was executed under the orders of the previous answer.
Leader of the democratic resistance against the pro-Spartan oligarchy, who overturned the Thirty Tyrants, but was killed in a later war
War that sought to overturn Spartan hegemony, which was partially instigated by Persia
Battle against Macedon in which Athens was defeated and made a tributary of Macedon under the Corinthian League
Athenian politician who refused to comply with Macedon's requests, known as the most honest man in the Athenian assembly. He was put to death by Polyperchon
Tyrant of Athens who was propped up by the Macedonian king Cassander, and deposed by Demetrius Poliorcetes. He then fled to Ptolemaic Egypt
Uprising in Greece against Macedon which occured shortly after Alexander the Great's death, put down by Antipater and Craterus
War against Macedon which guaranteed Macedonian hegemony until 229 BC
Leader of the Achaean League who aided Athens in regaining its independence in 229 BC

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