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Can you name the some of the most famous examples of aircraft that flew during World War II?

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Soviet biplane1927-1959, 40,000+
Soviet fighter1934-1943, 9,450
Soviet fighter1940-1943, 9,000
Soviet fighter1941-1943, 6,399
Soviet fighter1942-1948, 16,769
Soviet fighter1944-1945, 4,848
Soviet wooden fighter1942-1944, 9,920
Soviet wooden fighter1944-1946, 5,753
Soviet ground attack aircraft1941-1945, 36,183
Soviet bomber1942-1944, 5,200
Soviet dive bomber1940-1945, 11,427
Soviet heavy bomber1936–1944, 93
German fighter1937-1956, 35,000
German fighter1939-1945, 20,000+
German fighter1939-1945, 6,150
German fighter1943-1944, 1,200
German jet fighter1944-1945, 1430
German jet fighter1944-1945, 300
German wooden jet fighter1945, 170
German medium bomber1935 – 1944, 6,508
German dive bomber1935-1944, 6,000
German bomber1939-1945, 15,000
German heavy bomber1169, 1943-1944
German heavy bomber2, 1944
German heavy bombernever produced
Italian biplane1939-1941, 1,817
Italian fighter1936-1941, 791
Italian bomber1936-1945, 1,350
Japanese trainer aircraft1942–1945, 5,919
Japanese fighter1942–1945, 5,919
Japanese fighter1940-1945, 11,000
Japanese medium bomber1938-1941, 2,064
Japanese medium bomber1941-1944, 819
British trainer aircraft1931-1944, 8,868
British multi-role aircraft1935-1952, 11,029
British fighter1937-1944, 14,000
British fighter1936-1948, 20,351
British medium bomber1936-1945, 11,461
British heavy bomber1942-1946, 7,377
British heavy bomber1940-1946, 6,176
British combat aircraft1940–1950, 7,781
British long-range heavy fighter1940-1946, 5,928
French fighter1938-1940, 1,176
French fighter1940, 900
French bomber1940, 25
American trainer aircraft1938-1947, 32,778+
American trainer aircraft1939-1947, 11,537
American trainer aircraft1937-1969, 9,000
American trainer aircraft1934-1946, 8,584
American transport aircraft1935-1946, 13,140
American fighter1939–1944, 13,738
American light bomber and night fighter1939-1944, 7,478
American fighter1941-1945, 10,037
American fighter1940-1944, 9,584
American fighter1940-1945, 16,766
American fighter1942-1945, 15,686
American carrier-based fighter1936-1943, 7,722
American carrier-based fighter1942–1945, 12,275
American carrier-based fighter1940-1952, 12,571
American torpedo bomber1942-1945, 9,837
American dive bomber1940-1944, 5,936
American dive bomber1940-1945, 7,140
American medium bomber1939-1945, 9,984
American heavy bomber1936–1945, 12,731
American heavy bomber1942-1945, 18,482
American heavy bomber1943 – 1946, 3,970

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